An autumnal mantlepiece. On the right in focus is a green monstera in a woven pot. Peaking through the leaves is a lit white candle. Towards the left and out of focus are a gold mirror, two small pumpkins, a white vase, and a red jumpsuit.

October Favourites 2021 | Books, Style, Autumn Vibes

October is a month in which I thrive. I go full pumpkin spice, Doc Marten, knitted jumper icon. Forget hot girl summer, it’s all about chubby girl autumn.

September Favourites | Autumn Style, Home, Podcasts and more!

Catch me writing this post horizontally from my sofa (you can imagine the power of the double chins right now). I am tired.  September was a whirlwind. I suppose that’s what happens when you start a new job in events at a university in September. Ooof. I have been rushed off my feet working arrivals…

My Love of Hygge; or, How to Find Joy in the Smallest of Things | Lifestyle

My Love of Hygge; or, How to Find Joy in the Smallest of Things | Lifestyle

I tend to elicit odd looks from strangers at this time of year. Mainly it’s because you can find me shouting “oh that’s so cwtchy!” or “yesss that’s just so hygge” at almost everything. If you yourself are furrowing your brow like “what is she saying?”, let me give you a brief run down. ‘Cwtchy…

Photo by Jessica Fadel on Unsplash

Books to Get You Feeling ~Autumnal~ | rosie abigail

My cardigan’s on, the asthma’s out to play, and the leaves are dropping off the trees; it must be autumn! It might be the petrichor in the air, or the big comfy jumper speaking, but autumn is my favourite season. As the nights get longer, the air gets colder, and my mugs of hot chocolate…

Make A Rented House a Home!

Make A Rented House (or Flat) A Home! | Lifestyle & Decor

I imagine there’ll be a few people going “why is she writing about this? I thought she just talked about books and allergies”. Well, let me tell you - I am the queen of making rented accommodation a home. Well, not the queen, but I’m pretty darn skilled at it.  From university accommodation to living…