Three Weeks into Isolation | rosie abigail

With all this “free”/locked at home time, I’ve been in a little battle with myself. On one side, I have my anxiety fueled, workaholic self, who is annoyed that I haven’t been productive. Then on the other side, I have my self-care driven self, who is pushing for more naps and more snacks. Sometimes, the scales tip and I end up falling down one of those holes. But for the most part, I’ve been finding joy in balancing between the two! Although normal life has been pushed to the side, I’m beginning to get a kind of new normal routine, balancing my productive and self-care priorities. So, let me tell you what I’ve been up to in these weeks of self-isolation, between working from home, looking out of the window, and video calling my family.

My Winchester (Through A Lense) | rosie abigail

Winchester, Hampshire. Ye olde capital city of the United Kingdom. Home to the world's longest Medieval cathedral. Childhood city of Frank Turner and Colin Firth, and the resting place of Jane Austen. It also happens to be where I call home. Home, for me, begins in my flat. It's a light dappled sun trap in…