A multi-hyphenate creative mess, just looking to make you smile.

Rosie Abigail just can’t choose. She is a blogger, content creator, freelance writer, event manager, and arts practitioner based in Hampshire, UK. With a focus on positive living, Rosie talks all things culture, lifestyle, and chronic illness.

Rosie first started blogging as a university student as a way to let her creativity flow when life and illness got in the way. Since a young child, she has lived with chronic asthma and severe allergies, and picked up PCOS, PCOD, high hormone sensitivity, and an anxiety disorder along the way!

Her mantra for life became ‘well, if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry’ and she’s made it her ambition to leave everyone with a smile, whether online, in writing, or in person. If she can make one person feel seen, supported, or happy, then that’s the goal achieved.

With each multi-hyphen under her belt, Rosie brings passion and experience to all. She has been published in variety of publications as both a blogger and freelance writer, and has created content for large brands such as The Body Shop and West Quay. If you would like to work with Rosie regarding blogging, content creation (including UGC), or writing, check out the ‘contact’ tab.

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