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Catch me writing this post horizontally from my sofa (you can imagine the power of the double chins right now). I am tired

September was a whirlwind. I suppose that’s what happens when you start a new job in events at a university in September. Ooof. I have been rushed off my feet working arrivals and planning open events, working weekends and late hours, and starting a dependency on coffee that I am not really proud of. Okay, I know this sounds like I’m complaining, but I’m not – I adore my new job! But hey, let’s not get ahead of myself here; I’m here to talk about my September favourites, not spoil them. I may have spent a lot of the month with aching feet, coffee breath, and yearning for my duvet, but I still had some time to enjoy the first month of autumn!


Yes, a lot of my time at work is based in an office, buuuut I am not a woman who does office wear (at least, not in a traditional sense). I feel the least ‘Rosie’ in blouses and pencil skirts and heels. I find it so restrictive, and being blessed with big ol’ boobs and butt, I find it hard to find office clothes that fit how they should. Luckily, my workplace is happy for those in my department to dress smart-casual whilst in the office! Enter, my transitional-autumn looks.

I’ll be honest, I’ve brought out some corkers so far. But then, I have found that planning outfits means I have some form of control in this climate-change, pandemic-fueled nightmare. Sorry, that should be a note for my therapist – anyway… Midi dresses! Monochrome! That’s what I’m on about. I’ve been living in this oversized dress from ASOS. But to make it less circus-tent and more office wear, I’ve been pairing it with this vintage belt. It hides my hairy legs, feels like I’m wearing a blanket, and takes absolutely zero effort to look ten out of ten. And that’s what I’m all about. 


I am so late to the game. About eight years or so in fact. That’s right, I’m finally into podcasts! Well, one in particular: Bad People by Dr Julia Shaw and comedian Sofie Hagan. It is essentially a true crime podcast, mixed with the knowledge of psychological scientist Dr Shaw and the humanity and humour of Sofie. What I love about it is this podcast breaks down crimes, why people did what they did, and most important, it doesn’t glorify it. Look, I blimmin’ love my true crime (like almost every millennial woman on this planet) but I am so tired of talking about true crime for the sake of it. Give me reasons! Give me psychological explanations! Give me insight into the human mind! Bad People gives me all that and more. 


It’s finally happened. My hygge, Insta-gal dream has become a reality. We’ve made a reading nook! Rory did a little rejig of the lounge, and I came home to find my thrifted armchair perched in our bay window, surrounded by all of my plants, looking like a bookish snack. So, I did what any sane human would do; find the fairy lights, bring out the pumpkin candle, and make the living room the cosiest room in the house. I am yet to curl up in the armchair with a hot drink and a good read in hand, buuuuut that’s all going to change when Sunday hits. (And don’t worry – I will be taking some photos of it. But I’ve been too busy to barely spend any time in there!)

A picture of Rosie's bujo for October. The page has a black circle surrounded by leaves, with cursive 'October' written in the middle. It is held up in front of a bookcase, fairylights, and a monstera
Yes, I know this is my September faves. But I did this in September for October so it counts! @itsrosieabigail


Yes, yes, I know I got rid of this category, but sometimes your life doesn’t fit into categories or boxes. Oof you can have that quote for free. Basically, I couldn’t put anything into my usual ‘Books’ or ‘Beauty & Skincare’ categories. I’ve barely even touched a book this month, let alone an audiobook. Make-up? Don’t know her. Skincare? I’m ashamed of my lack of skincare. But I suppose my wildcard favourite this month has been feeling fulfilled in my job. I’ve been working a variety of jobs since the age of eighteen, and in my seven years of working, I’ve never worked a job that truly fulfils me and my skills. Until now. Recently, I’ve been coming home tired out and having days where I’ve been rushed off my feet and scrambling for my notepad. But it’s perfect! I feel I finally have responsibility, I’m allowed to be creative, and everyday is different. I may be coming home reaching for my blanket and a snooze but I do so happily. It just goes to show that whilst the ‘just go for it!’ mentality can be scary and anxiety inducing, but it can also lead to the best changes in life. 

So, those are my September favourites! Hopefully I’ll open a book or double-cleanse my skin at least twice this month, but I wouldn’t hold my breath… , here’s to October; the ultimate month of crispy leaves, spookiness, and pumpkin spice! I am ready to thriiiiive

Let me know in the comments how your September has been and what’s been your favourites this month!

Rosie x

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