An autumnal mantlepiece. On the right in focus is a green monstera in a woven pot. Peaking through the leaves is a lit white candle. Towards the left and out of focus are a gold mirror, two small pumpkins, a white vase, and a red jumpsuit.

October Favourites 2021 | Books, Style, Autumn Vibes

October is a month in which I thrive. I go full pumpkin spice, Doc Marten, knitted jumper icon. Forget hot girl summer, it’s all about chubby girl autumn.

Make A Rented House a Home!

Make A Rented House (or Flat) A Home! | Lifestyle & Decor

I imagine there’ll be a few people going “why is she writing about this? I thought she just talked about books and allergies”. Well, let me tell you - I am the queen of making rented accommodation a home. Well, not the queen, but I’m pretty darn skilled at it.  From university accommodation to living…