Getting Diagnosed with PCOS | One Year On

Getting Diagnosed with PCOS: One Year On | Chronic Illness

Happy first birthday to my PCOS diagnosis! What a precious bundle of joy it is. Okay, let me swap out the words ‘precious’, ‘bundle’ and ‘joy’ for words that may get me banned from WordPress, and you’ll have a clearer idea of my opinion of poly-cystic ovarian syndrome. 


Plant Parenting 101: Best Plants for Beginners

Well, it seems everyone and their cousin has become houseplant obsessed during the pandemic. You know I have. What started as a fun little hobby to share with my housemate in the middle of a global lockdown has now turned into at least 72% of my personality, and I have no regrets. I am now…

Five Things You Can Do to Live More Sustainably! | Blue sky, green plants growing out of a building

Five Things You Can Do To Live More Sustainably! | rosie abigail

Clean living. Green life. Sustainability. Did I get all the buzzwords in there? Sustainable living is a hot topic right now, as it should be, as we’ve only got one planet and it’s not looking very good at the moment (*gulps nervously*). Over the past few years, we’ve seen a change in the discourse and dynamic of what it is to live sustainability and why it’s important. Plus, it’s become quite the passion of mine (says every millennial ever). I’ve made it my goal to be as sustainable as I can be in my personal life, so I thought I’d share the five things I’ve found to be the most important. 

A black background, with a match in the foreground. The match tip is black, and smoke is coming from it.

How I Deal with Burnout | What is Burnout? | rosie abigail

Phewwww. The irony of not being able to write a blog about burnout because I’m burnt out is not lost on me. And do excuse me if I am preaching to the choir - I have a feeling a lot of us are in the same boat.  Ahh burn out. To be honest, you may…

Astra-Zeneca Causes Blot Clots? Try Being on Birth Control...

Astra-Zeneca Causes Blood Clots? Try Being on Birth Control… | rosie abigail

“It’s just so amazing that people are finally caring about the side effects of medication” say a whole generation of women through gritted teeth and clenched jaws. “It’s not like we have to live with these side effects every day of our lives. Aha. Ahaha. Ha.” That’s right folks; we’re talking about birth control and blood clots.

A caucasian hand stretching out, against a blurry background of brown trees

Self-Care for a Panic Attack or High-Anxiety Day | Mental Health | rosie abigail

Oof, I don’t know if any of you fellow anxiety-ridden-folks have been feeling the same, but the past few weeks have been rough. I don’t know if the moon is doing something, if it’s the change in the season, or if it’s the ever pressing weight of a poorly governed world run by a select…

I Got the COVID Vaccine?! | Experience & Side-Effects

I Got the COVID Vaccine?! | Experience & Side-Effects

Has my 2021 peaked already? That’s right; your girl got the vaccine! Well, the first of the two jabs… Despite all of the scientific backing you could ever want and tests upon tests upon tests, there’s still a lot of uncertainty in the public eye about getting a COVID vaccine. So, I thought I’d let…

What's Been Getting Me Through the Pandemic? | Books, Culture, Lifestyle

What’s Been Getting Me Through the Pandemic? | Books, Culture, Lifestyle

I don’t want to be that person who says ‘it’s been a tough year for us all’, because we’ve heard it over and over and over. So I’ll just say ‘bloody hell, it’s been shit, hasn’t it?’ For me, there have been pockets of joy (I started my Masters, got engaged, and my blog started…

Is Being Mid-Size Anti-Fat? | Mid-Size Style

Before I delve into the mid-size movement, I want you to say something with me. F-A-T. Fat. Say it, get your mouth around it. Fat fat fat fat fat. Fat is a descriptor. It is not a bad word. Before we delve into this, I need you to understand that. There’s so much personal and…