Getting Diagnosed with PCOS | One Year On

Getting Diagnosed with PCOS: One Year On | Chronic Illness

Happy first birthday to my PCOS diagnosis! What a precious bundle of joy it is. Okay, let me swap out the words ‘precious’, ‘bundle’ and ‘joy’ for words that may get me banned from WordPress, and you’ll have a clearer idea of my opinion of poly-cystic ovarian syndrome. 

I Got the COVID Vaccine?! | Experience & Side-Effects

I Got the COVID Vaccine?! | Experience & Side-Effects

Has my 2021 peaked already? That’s right; your girl got the vaccine! Well, the first of the two jabs… Despite all of the scientific backing you could ever want and tests upon tests upon tests, there’s still a lot of uncertainty in the public eye about getting a COVID vaccine. So, I thought I’d let…