I Got the COVID Vaccine?! | Experience & Side-Effects

I Got the COVID Vaccine?! | Experience & Side-Effects

Has my 2021 peaked already? That’s right; your girl got the vaccine! Well, the first of the two jabs… Despite all of the scientific backing you could ever want and tests upon tests upon tests, there’s still a lot of uncertainty in the public eye about getting a COVID vaccine. So, I thought I’d let […]

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What’s In My Bag: Allergy Edition | rosie abigail

Blog title for 'Living With It: What's in my Bag?' by Rosie Lewis for Rosie Lewis Writes

I swear, 2010 was the year of ‘what’s in my bag’ videos on YouTube. That’s not a complaint – I was obsessed with them. I’m not too sure as to why I was obsessed with them, but I guess it’s because I’m a nosy bugger. I’d marvel at the fancy notebooks these vloggers had, and […]

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