I Finally Have a Diagnosis… | Life and Health

Thank goodness! And by thank goodness, I mean thank goodness for finally getting a diagnosis; I’ve been suffering for over nine months with severe symptoms that no-one could pinpoint the cause of. It only took six blood tests, four flare ups, three trips to A&E, two invasive cameras, and one month off work to end […]

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Antidepressants and Me | rosie abigail

Antidepressants and Me - Sertraline

Salbutamol and Seretide for asthma, antihistamines and adrenaline for allergies, Codeine and Prednisolone for flare ups, and Sertraline for my brain. More specifically, Sertraline for chronic anxiety and clinical depression. Those are the medications that rattle around in my bag and go with me wherever I go. I’m kind of a package deal – “The […]

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What’s In My Bag: Allergy Edition | rosie abigail

Blog title for 'Living With It: What's in my Bag?' by Rosie Lewis for Rosie Lewis Writes

I swear, 2010 was the year of ‘what’s in my bag’ videos on YouTube. That’s not a complaint – I was obsessed with them. I’m not too sure as to why I was obsessed with them, but I guess it’s because I’m a nosy bugger. I’d marvel at the fancy notebooks these vloggers had, and […]

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