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In my world, Hygge Season is officially here! And it turns out, I was all about hygge before I even knew what it was…

To give you some background, hygge (pronounced hyoo-guh) is a Danish word that can’t simply be translated into English. But then, it is more than just a word. It’s a concept that is deeply ingrained in Danish culture, where one values feelings of warmth and cosy contentment. For those of you looking at me in an odd way, let me give you an example of what hygge is. It’s that all-encompassing feeling you get when you’ve got a hot drink, you’re inside a warm house, curled up with a blanket, and it’s raining outside. Ohhhh yeah, that’s some good hygge.  It’s about noticing and nourishing pockets of joy and warmth in everyday life, or creating those moments if you don’t have them! 

For me, Winter is the ultimate Hygge Season. There’s a need for heat and comfort after being out in the cold, homes become places of togetherness, and the phrase ‘shall I put the kettle on?’ becomes more popular than ‘shall we pop to the pub?’. Add those all together, and you get hygge. Alongside hygge being an environment in itself, and an experience, I find it aligns perfectly with my self-care needs. Some people meet up with friends to recharge, or go for a run, but I need those pockets of joy and warmth. Hot baths, deep cups of tea, a blanket and a book; they are my go to moments of self-care when I’m starting to run on empty. 

Hygge isn’t one big, grand gesture; it’s a series of small, little actions that add up to create an experience. Let me tell you my favourite moments that bring me the joy of hygge, and see how you can incorporate them into your life! 

Reading a book whilst wrapped up tight in a blanket.

My favourite spot to do this is in the lounge in my house. I have a battered, old, and immensely comfy sofa that you just sink into. I grab the comfiest blanket I can find (the thicker and fluffier, the better), curl up in the corner, and settle down with my book of choice. Bonus hygge points if the book is an old favourite and the room is deliciously warm.

Having a hot cup of tea whilst in pours with rain outside.

As soon as it starts raining, I instinctively run to the nearest window. The sound of rain on a window is just the most pleasing sound to me; I honestly think the rain helps me to recharge! In an ideal world, I would be sat in a comfy armchair, my hands wrapped around a hot mug full of sweet tea (or coffee or mulled wine), watching the rain hitting the window, feeling thankful that I am warm and toasty inside the house. Bonus hygge points if you are sat in a conservatory or caravan, where the rain comes down all around you.  

Rosie's hand holding a cup of hot chocolate, next to a copy of the novel 'Good Omens'. The background is a red checkered blanket.

Putting on a thick, woolly jumper, and going for a walk. 

I love wrapping myself up in a big jumper, my favourite coat, and my trusty Doc Martens, and going for a walk in the cold; the kind of cold that makes your cheeks red and your breath fog up in front of you. After an hour or you, you return home to a warm house, and you can feel your hands and face start to tingle as they warm up. It’s just blimmin’ lovely. Bonus hygge points for walking amongst a lit up Christmas market or some beautiful, green, misty hills.

Lighting a scented candle, and taking care of your creativity.

I’m currently adoring an apple scented candle I picked up from IKEA, as it fills my house with a rich, sweet and almost citrusy scent. Candles emit soft yellow light that is so commonly associated with hygge, and really help to make any room feel more homely. Pair that with a relaxing end of day creative moment, and it’s just pure bliss. At the moment, I love bullet journaling or writing in my diary to end a day, tying up an evening nicely. Bonus hygge points if your creative moment is all about bringing joy to others, like writing Christmas cards or wrapping presents!

I know hygge can sound a little dainty and arty-farty, but it is honestly a wonderful thing to practice. Why don’t you try and introduce a little bit of hygge into each day, especially in this busy run up to Christmas? It’s all about making time to relax, and feeling comfortable in your surroundings; and everyone needs a bit of that in their lives.

If you practice or enjoy hygge, let me know what your favourite experiences or moments are!

Rosie x

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