Lockdown Brain & Writer’s Block | Update

Lockdown Brain & Writer's Block - rosie abigail

I find it funny how I’ve spent the last few minutes staring at the screen, trying to write about this. Even when writing about writer’s block, I get writer’s block.  I would say that COVID lockdown has been the main culprit of my writer’s block, but that would be a lie. When lockdown hit back […]

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Things I Want to Do When This Is All Over | rosie abigail

This, of course, being the Coronavirus pandemic. However much I am an optimist, I know things won’t ever fully go back to normal, or the normal we were accustomed to. And the world won’t suddenly snap back into working full speed again; it’ll be a delayed return, just like they are doing in Wuhan now. […]

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Dealing with Imposter Syndrome | rosie abigail

Dealing With Imposter Syndrome | rosie abigail

“Imposter Syndrome”. I’ve been seeing this phrase pop up all over my social media the past few weeks – “anyone got tips to help deal with imposter syndrome? xo”, “it’s an imposter syndrome kind of day”, “reaaaally feeling out of place at this conference #impostersyndrome”. Every time I see a Tweet or post like that, […]

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Switching to Cruelty-Free Beauty & Skin Care | rosie abigail

Look, I’m not the most environmentally friendly person out there; I forget my metal straws, I still use clingfilm, and I simply can’t be vegan because of my allergies (that’s another blog post for another time). But, I am trying to be the best green version of myself I can be (green as in ‘caring […]

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Eating Out (& Surviving!) with an Allergy | rosie abigail

When I was born into this world, I was truly blessed; blessed with creativity, kindness, and a life-threatening nut allergy. In the first few years of my life, I miraculously avoided nuts. My parents only found out about my allergy in my toddler years because, being the greedy sod that I am, I snuck a […]

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I’m Feeling Twenty-Three! | rosie abigail

Two pictures of Rosie against a red background

Another year older, but probably not another year wiser. That’s right, on Sunday 7th July, I turned twenty-three. I know a lot of people have some kind of fear over their birthday, of getting older, of hitting a milestone. To me, twenty-three doesn’t seem a remarkable or important age. It’s close enough to eighteen that […]

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