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This, of course, being the Coronavirus pandemic. However much I am an optimist, I know things won’t ever fully go back to normal, or the normal we were accustomed to. And the world won’t suddenly snap back into working full speed again; it’ll be a delayed return, just like they are doing in Wuhan now. Currently, I am dealing with each day as it comes, and that works for me! Nonetheless, I think it’s always important to have something to look forward to; whether that be as small as a cup of tea after work, or as big as a holiday at the end of the year. Whilst I get on with living in this pandemic, I am letting myself think about what I’m excited to do when this is all over – it’s my something to look forward to! Here are some of the things I’ll be doing when we can be out and about in the world again –

Support my local shops & restaurants

I was a sucker for popping into the Winchester shops on my way home from work, whether that was to get something for dinner, or eye up some new stationery (this is where all my money goes, I can confirm). These little moments have become ones I’ve missed the most. As an asthmatic, it hasn’t been wise for me to go food or essentials shopping, so I’ve been relying solely on my boyfriend or Amazon to help me out, and I have missed it. However, when I can walk about freely again, I know exactly what places I am hitting up first; the smaller businesses. These are the ones that will have been the most hard hit by closures and will need support! In particular, I’m already mentally planning a date at The Stable, brunch at Cafe Monde, and a writing session at The Square by Coffee Lab.  I’ll also be picking up some kitchenware at Dinghams, getting my stationary fix at Warrens & Son, and buying myself a big bouquet of flowers from Catkin & Pussywillow

Go to Abergavenny

Not seeing my family has been one of the hardest things. We already live far away from each other; me in South East England, and them in South Wales. I haven’t been home since Christmas, and was planning to spend a week with my parents over Easter; obviously, that didn’t happen. But, as soon as we’ve got the all clear, I’m raking in my cancelled annual leave days and jumping on the train to South Wales! I’m looking forward to walks in the hills with my dog, drinks at sunset with my parents, and seeing my extended family for love and hugs. I’ll hopefully even be able to squeeze in a spa day with my mum as a belated Mother’s Day experience.

BBQ with my friends

We’ve just come out of an unusual Spring heatwave, and any other year, I would have spent those evenings up St Catherine’s Hill or in someone’s garden with a BBQ and some beers. Hopefully by the end of summer, we’ll be able to have moments like those again. But even if the lockdown isn’t lifted until autumn or even winter, we’ll still have those wonderful get-togethers – maybe over a fire pit with mulled cider, instead of BBQ and beers. I can’t wait to laugh and take stupid pictures with the people I love. 

The top of Winchester High Street, including the black clock
Winchester, last Spring

Re-book my trip to Dublin

In early February, my friends and I booked a girls trip to Dublin in April! Now, we’re currently waiting for refunds on the flights. In the grand scheme of things, the cancellation of a small holiday is nothing; we’re getting all our money back from the flights and hotels, and that’s that. We are all safe and healthy in our respective homes. But once lockdown is lifted, and travel is permitted, we’re going to sit down with some cocktails, and book this trip again! I’ve always wanted to go to Dublin so the prospect of a trip in the future (whenever that may be) makes me happy. 

Soak up some culture

Museums, theatres, gigs, cinemas; oh I’ve missed them. Although safety measures around these places will definately be different, I’m so excited to visit them again. I had booked tickets to see Frank Turner in March, so hopefully he’ll perform a rescheduled tour that I can grab tickets for. I’m also looking forward to wandering around places like Tate Modern or the V&A, or at least have the option to. And can you imagine sitting in a dark, refreshing cinema with popcorn and a Tango Iceblast? I can, and let me tell you, I cannot wait.

I know we still have a long way to go until we are free to wander and gather in crowds again, and I want lockdown to go on as long as necessary, if it means we’ll all be safe. But having those little moments to look forward to brings me bright moments if I slip into darker ones.

What are you looking forward to when this is all over? And how are you doing in this lockdown? Let me know!

Rosie x

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8 responses to “Things I Want to Do When This Is All Over | rosie abigail”

  1. The Storyteller Avatar
    The Storyteller

    I can’t wait to finally get into doing parkrun weekly! And I was *lowkey* basically planning a road trip from Devon to Winchester to see everyone I’ve not seen in months! I agree, it’s good to have things to look forward to because it’ll make this time slightly more bearable for so many people

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    1. Love the idea of the road trip! Fingers crossed you can still do this in the summer for some St Catherine’s BBQs! 😀

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  2. Looking forward to seeing our family again. Especially you!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can’t wait either! ❤


  3. That’s all so awesome 🙂 I personally can’t wait to go to the bookstore again.

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    1. Thank you! Oh, to go to a bookstore would be loooovely ❤

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  4. I can’t wait for the summer BBQs with my friends and family, we had so many of them last year and I’m really hoping this ends early enough for us to still enjoy the warmer weather. I’m also looking forward to a trip to the pub as well! x

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    1. Same here! I can’t wait to sit around a BBQ with music going, or sit around a table in a pub garden in the suuuun 😊

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