What I Learnt in 2019 | rosie abigail

Like every year, humans congregate to celebrate the Earth going around one full orbit successfully, and 2019 was no different. Good job Earth, have a round of applause (clapclapclap)! I have never been one to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the full sense of the event; I’ve tried nights out and house parties, but have […]

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Dealing with Imposter Syndrome | rosie abigail

Dealing With Imposter Syndrome | rosie abigail

“Imposter Syndrome”. I’ve been seeing this phrase pop up all over my social media the past few weeks – “anyone got tips to help deal with imposter syndrome? xo”, “it’s an imposter syndrome kind of day”, “reaaaally feeling out of place at this conference #impostersyndrome”. Every time I see a Tweet or post like that, […]

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