How the ‘Sunday Reset’ trend changed my life (+ routine)

How the 'Sunday Reset' trend changed my life (+ routine)

Is Sunday now the best day of the week thanks to the Sunday Reset? It might very well be. I am not exaggerating when I say that introducing a Sunday Reset to my week has changed my life.

What is a Sunday Reset?

In the last year, the idea of a Sunday Reset has been everywhere over Tiktok, but it isn’t a trend; it’s actually a mindset. As always happens at the cusp of the new year, everyone scrambles to get themselves together throughout January, leading to an increase in videos like ‘how to be that girl’ or ‘my five-to-nine routine before my ‘nine-to-five’. Whilst these are fun to watch, sometimes awe-inspiring (I still don’t know how people get up at five am to go to the gym), a lot of them just aren’t relatable or practical for us everyday folks, especially as the year goes on. This is where the Sunday Reset comes in – using the last day of the week to get yourself together for the week ahead.

The idea is that no matter how wonderfully or not-so-wonderfully the week has been, Sunday arrives as a blank slate, ready for you to refresh and recharge so you can have the best week going forward. It is about both recharging and resetting; productivity broken down into bite sized chunks and wrapped up in some self-care. The Sunday Reset becomes the day that you tackle the ‘little’ but important tasks – tasks that could build up and become big if left alone. 

PS not everyone has Sunday as a day off, so this works with any day you have off in the week

…no matter how wonderfully or not-so-wonderfully the week has been, Sunday arrives as a blank slate, ready for you to refresh and recharge…

Why should you do a Sunday Reset? 

Every person is different (I see you 5am gym girlies), but who doesn’t enjoy that feeling of relaxed accomplishment? Sitting all smug on the sofa in my fluffy pyjamas, knowing that I’ve achieved something on my day off, that I’m fully set up for the week ahead. Not only does the Sunday Reset make me feel accomplished, but it also does wonders for my mental health. With my anxiety disorder, I get the Sunday scaries on a big scale. By having that Reset list to go through and doing tasks that will save me time in the week, it both distracts me and alleviates certain worries.

What to include in your Sunday Reset

This fully depends on your priorities and dependents. But a good way to think about what could go on your Sunday Reset list is what tasks cause you stress after a full day at work or studying? If possible, do them on Sunday – mixed in with some self-care. Simple.

Photo by Holly Stratton on Unsplash

Let me show you what goes on my Sunday Reset list, both for productivity and recharging purposes. 

My Sunday Reset Routine

  1. Start the morning with a comfortable outfit. If this is a day of being productive and relaxed, the comfiest, oversized jumper and leggings are always best. 
  2. Treat myself to a good breakfast. Good doesn’t necessarily mean healthy – it means a breakfast that will make me feel good.
  3. Put on a clothes wash. Now this is the ultimate sign of a Sunday reset. The smell of clean and drying clothes wafting through the house? Delightful.
  4. Organise my weekly schedule. Depending on what kind of person you are, this may be a two minute or two hour task. If it means I can see everything laid out in front of me before the week starts, then it’s worth it. 
  5. Make a weekly meal plan with a shopping list. There’s no denying that sticking to a meal plan and cooking it is going to be better for your wallet. But if you have health conditions or are balancing hormones, this can really make a difference to your life.
  6. Shopping list and food shop. By getting it done on a Sunday, I know you’ll have everything I need in the house to keep me going for the week. And hey, it’s Sunday Reset – I always pick up a posh loaf of bread for lunch. 
  7. Complete one big house task. This depends on what needs to be done and what is pressing. Right now, I am living in a DIY property, so my one big task is normally painting a wall. Whatever task will stick in your head if left hanging over you in the work week, that’s the one to do. 
  8. Bubble bath and deep hair clean. The recharge part really comes into effect now. Once I am in that bath, I am washing the entire week away. Bath oils, body scrub, leave in conditioner – the whole shebang.
  9. Full skincare routine. If the bath washes the week away, then skincare wipes that slate clean for the week ahead. Sunday evening will be the time where I make time.
  10. Manifestation pages before bed. Once I’m feeling all loosey goosey in my pyjamas and body butters, there is nothing better for my brain than to sit down with a lavender tea, get wrapped up in a blanket, and get those worries and goals down on paper.
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Not only does the Sunday Reset make me feel accomplished, but it also does wonders for my mental health.

How to build your own Sunday Reset?

In order to build your own Sunday Reset, you need to work out what is important for you in both recharge and reset. It all comes down to your life and the priorities within it. You’ll notice that some chores, like vacuuming or polishing, don’t make my Sunday reset list – that’s because either my husband does it or I do them during the week. You’ll also see that food is a big repeat offender in my Sunday Reset and that’s because I have health conditions that revolve around my food intake.

Balance is also important to a successful Sunday Reset. It’s not a real Reset if it’s all chores! Use it as a chance to prepare for the week ahead, not over do it on the big tasks. 

Finally, have a think about how you and your brain box work and get things done. Maybe you need to write down your Sunday Reset checklist and stick it to the fridge. Maybe, you just need to give yourself a few hours to go with the vibes and do what you need to do. For me, I’m a sucker for a pen and paper list. I really should make point eleven on my list ‘look at the completed list and feel proud’ because of course I do that. 

This week, why not give the idea of a Sunday Reset a go? It’s been absolutely life changing for my mental health, so what could it do for you?

Thanks for reading,
Rosie x

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One response to “How the ‘Sunday Reset’ trend changed my life (+ routine)”

  1. I love the idea of a Sunday Reset! I’m so happy it is working for you. I’ve seen some other people on Tiktok do it before but haven’t tried it yet. I love the idea of “releasing” last week and starting off the next week strong. I might need to sit down and see what I need to get done to make a Sunday reset work for me!


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