A hand hold red flowers, on a thigh. The skin colour of this person is brown, and they have cellulite on the left side.

What is Body Neutrality? | Body Positivity, Toxicity, and Wellbeing

You may have seen this phrase floating around TikTok or Instagram, and even in the world of women’s magazines. However, it deserves some clarity. So, let’s jump into it!

Is Being Mid-Size Anti-Fat? | Mid-Size Style

Before I delve into the mid-size 'movement', I want you to say something with me. F-A-T. Fat. Say it, get your mouth around it. Fat fat fat fat fat. Fat is a descriptor. It is not a bad word. Before we delve into this, I need you to understand that. There’s so much personal and…

What is Mid-Size? | Style, Fashion, and Body Neutrality

To paraphrase Mary Poppins, ‘I am practically average in every way’ - physically, at least! I am the average height, average bra size, and average clothing size for a woman in the UK, which obviously means my body type is not reflected in fashion at all. Makes sense, right?  Typically, the fashion industry caters towards…