An image of Rosie and Rory's wedding. Rosie has fark brown hair and is wearing a white lace wedding dress. She is getting into a pastel yellow car and is holding a wedding bouquet that contains sunflowers, white roses, and greenery. Rory is stood behind her, wearing a red and blue kilt and black jacket. There are a crowd of people behind them.

Change is a very good thing… | Rosie Abigail

To quote Obi-Wan Kenobi, “hello there”. To quote myself, “long time, no see, eh?”

It’s been a little while since I’ve been in the blogging sphere, a few months in fact. I’m sorry for not heading off with an interim “I’m off!” post or a “see ya in August!” message. You see, I hadn’t planned to be away from the blog for this long. However, life had some different ideas. It’s been all change over here.

All change in a good way, I may add. So I allowed myself time to take on these changes, let them happen, and actually enjoy them.

Firstly, in the world outside of writing, I’ve got myself a new job! It’s just a maternity cover and it’s still in my current department but it’s such a big change in terms of my work life. I thought my original role was rather full-on but this manager’s position is something else. So whilst I have been getting used to the role, it has meant that I’ve been coming home with a fuzzy brain and needing to flop on the sofa instead of reaching for the laptop to write. However, I’ve been in the role for about a month now and can feel the normality settling in, as well as the itch to get writing again.

Secondly, we have perhaps the biggest change of my life so far. I got married! After eight years of friendship, over seven years of being together, and two years of being engaged, I got married to my best friend. You know there will be some blog posts about the wedding, I haven’t shut up about it yet. As the weeks approaching the wedding crept up on us, we realised how much DIY and work we had to do for it and that took over every waking moment that we weren’t at work. We also made the rather wonderful decision to take two weeks off before and after the wedding. Fully off-off. No work, no blogging, no home renovation. We’ve just spent a week-long mini-moon in a blanket fort in our house, cuddling our cat Pearl, playing Pokemon, watching Star Wars, and exploring our local area. It’s been blissful

An image of Rosie and Rory outside of the church. Rosie is laughing, is wearing a white and blush lace wedding dress. She has dark brown hair in curls and is holding a bouquet of sunflowers, white roses, thistles, and greenery. Rory is to her right, wearing a black Prince Charlie jacket and a red kilt.

As things come in threes, we have the final change. Now, this isn’t life changing in the same way getting married to the love of your life or having the opportunity to prove yourself in the workplace is. But it’s still a change. I went and got the chop, ending up with a blonde bob – miles away from my usual long, dark brown, curly hair. I know, people tend to make drastic hair changes once they’ve ended a relationship, but I’ve done a full one-eighty here. Whilst a return to the blonde hair of Rosie’s past has been something I’ve wanted to do for a few years, making this change now feels really quite symbolic. I feel I am at a really exciting point in my life, a catalytic moment; professionally, creatively, and personally. But apart from the thin band on my finger, it’s all change that you simply cannot see. So, I’m letting said Debbie Harry inspired locks be the change that people can see. 

Long story short –  change is the reason I haven’t been here on the blog and change is the reason I am back, baby. Change is a good thing friends, don’t forget that. Now, keep your eyes on the blog, I have a feeling this is going to be a damn good year. Thanks for hanging around and thanks for reading.

Rosie x

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