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Oof I’m back talking about a passion of mine! Now, I’m no stranger to blogging about mid/plus-size representation (being a mid-size queen myself) and I doubt I’ll ever stop talking about it. In fact, my “What is Mid-Size?” post is one of the most popular posts on Google about this subject (sorry for the brag, but I am really proud of this fact). So, what’s inspired me to write another post on this subject? Well, it’s only the darn state of the world.

We’re living in a pandemic, and amongst the news of cases and vaccines, I’m seeing headlines about the “Quarantine 15” weight gain, and people pushing weight loss schemes on a stressed out world. And don’t get me started on the UK Government’s stupid soups and shakes plan to tackle obesity. Amongst this, eating disorders and anxiety are on the rise in this lockdown world, which will not be having a positive effect on anything. Since March, I’ve fallen foul to my mental health too many times to count, and it’s had a huge hit on my self-esteem. Looking at social media made me feel sick. So I changed that. I now only follow people on Instagram who bring me joy, positivity, and realness. A big ol’ group of people I follow are midsize and plus-size ‘influencers’ who use their platforms for sharing goodness and speaking the truth. Every time I open that app, I get hit in the face with love and warmth and bodies that are like my own, and it fills me with such happiness! So, I thought I’d share my favourites of these absolute goddesses with you, in the hope that you can have some joy on your timelines too. 

Nicole Ocran – @nicoleocran

Oh the only way I can describe Nicole’s style is cottagecore meets frontrunning fashion, and I am here for it every darn day. She’s an American living in London, with a mantra that everyone can be stylish without breaking the bank. Not only are her grid posts top notch and leave you feeling well and truly influenced (I’ve got my eye on a cardigan she’s been wearing), but her stories are fab too. They leave you feeling warm and relaxed, and I especially love her little house updates.

Great for those who like: everyday fashion, positive vibes only

Grace Victory – @gracefvictory

There’s something about Grace that glows and gives off such a vibe of safety and peace. Healing and wellness is Grace’s main thread, giving the world reminders to heal and to listen to their bodies. As well as being a holistic and positive voice online, she also shows what it’s like to live real life in a plus sized body. Plus, she is currently pregnant, and I have been loving seeing her open and honest pregnancy updates!

Great for those who like: chilled wellness, holistic healing

Helen Anderson – @helenanderz

I could not make an account-recommending post without recommending my favourite lady of the internet; Helen Anderson. Helen is a YouTuber and musician who is all about (what we would know as) alternative style, and living life to the full. She’s a bottle of pop on the screen and I always end up cackling at her captions or videos. If I had to pick one person’s wardrobe to steal, it would be her’s. As well as fashion and lifestyle, Helen talks very candidly about life, from sex to relationships to money. We love an honest gal with a love of cowboy boots

Great for those who like: ‘alternative’ style, raucous laughter

Sonny Turner – @sonnyturner___

Let me talk to you about Sonny Turner. Signed to Milk Model Management, she is a ‘Curve’ model that is bringing midsize bodies to the mainstream. It’s been fantastic to watch her career go from strength to strength, and at the age of 22 (twenty-freaking-two!!) has already walked NYFW, and modelled for big brands like ASOS, H&M, and Aerie. As well as working non-stop to get where she is now, she’s also a vocal body positivity advocate and is super funny and honest on YouTube and Insta Stories about her life and experiences.

Great for those who like: fashion baby, baddie lifestyle

Megan Jayne Crabbe – @bodyposipanda

Megan is one of the OG body positivity queens of Instagram. Not only is she a bonafide author, mental health advocate, and YouTuber, she also brings rainbows and joy to everyone’s social media. I live for her dance floor seshes and celebration of belly rolls. Megan is a prime example of positivity meets real life, and is a true icon of the BoPo movement. Everytime I see her, she just makes me want to dance around in my bikini and shout ‘I AM BEAUTIFUL’.

Great for those who like: body-lovin’ dance parties, unabashed joy

Nyome Nicholas-Williams – @curvynyome

If you move in the mid-size/plus-size community, I am sure you would have seen Nyome’s gorgeousness before. Earlier this year, there was photo campaign shared around entitled #IwanttoseeNyome, because Instagram kept removing a portrait of her, despite the image not breaking any rules (the centre image). After weeks of campaigning against Instagram’s internalised racist and fatphobic bias, Instagram apologised and thanks to Nyome (and a wonderful group of other creatives), Instagram policy got changed! As well as being a policy changer, Nyome brings fashion and good vibes to the grid, whilst inviting us into her life as a badass model. What a woman. 

Great for those who like: serving looks, changing the world

Lucy Wood – @lucyjanewood

When I see a picture of Lucy, I can’t help but clap my hands like an excited Disney Princess. As well as bringing happiness and light to my feed, she is also the ruler of #averagegirlsize YouTube. I’ve spent many an evening settling down with a cup of tea to watch her videos, whilst muttering ‘damn, what a cool girl’. She is calming, creative, and a powerhouse to have on the mid-size movement. 

Great for those who like: retro vibes, content full of joy

Tess Holliday – @tessholliday

Everything that Tess does seems to anger old, white men, so she’s definitely doing something right. Arguably, Tess is one of the most important plus-size supermodels in the business today. She’s outspoken, unafraid, and unapologetically herself, both online and in calling out the negativity that comes with her line of work. She’s a Cosmopolitan cover star, advocate for all things good, and an expert at shutting down the  ‘promoting obesity’ crowd, all whilst working hard at her well-earned career.

Great for those who like: fierceness, advocacy

Those are my favourite mid-size and plus-size folks who bring positivity and joy to my social media! Let me know who your favourites are too (especially if they are NB identifying or trans; I am aware that my diversity in sexuality and identity is not great on this list and I’d love to find more folks to follow!) Here’s to making my feed even brighter, positive, and realistic. 

Rosie x

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