Books I Got for Christmas! | rosie abigail

White and orange books on a grey background. A white jumper arm peeks through on the left. Rosie's hand holds a cup of tea in a white mug.

Christmas seems like months ago now, not merely nineteen days ago. Did we even have Christmas? It’s all a bit of a blur. That pandemic life, eh?  Despite having a very different Christmas this year, (I didn’t get to spend it with family, but I did get to spend it with my fiance and our […]

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The Bibliophile’s Night Out Book Tag! | rosie

Long time, no see, book tag! I was tagged by Janet over at The Storyteller to give this one a go. Now, I’m a fussy lass when it comes to tags, once in a blue moon kind of post. However, this one seems really fun! I suggest you give Janet a follow (and Beth over […]

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Summer Reading List 2020! | rosie abigail

In the words of Obi-Wan Kenobi, hello there. It’s been a hot minute (well, two weeks) since I last posted, and even longer than that since I’ve had a regular posting schedule. In all honesty, I’ve been burnt out. Work has been spilling over to my personal life, and balancing living with an unknown health […]

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Five Bookish Places I Want to Visit! | Travel

Cover photo - Five Bookish Places I Want to Visit! | Travel

Three months into lockdown and boy oh boy, the wanderlust is still strong. Since COVID has hit, I’ve made a travel journal (despite not being able to travel), a list of stay-cation ideas (despite not being able to travel), and planned my dream holidays for the next five years (despite not being able to travel […]

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Use Your Privilege.

Use your privilege.

I had scheduled a happy-go-lucky blog post today about small and sustainable changes I’d made in my life. But to post something so light and cheery seemed so disingenuous to me.  For those stumbling across this post in the future, or simply those who have not been looking at the news, eight days ago, George […]

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Books I’ve Read in Lockdown | Chat & Reviews

I’m now entering week seven of working from home thanks to the coronavirus pandemic (I think? It could be week thirteen-hundred, I’ve lost track of time). I’m an asthmatic, so I was always going to be on isolation and lockdown. Like everyone else in the UK, not being able to go out or see fellow […]

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Bookish Bucket List Tag! | Literature, Books, and more…

I’ll be honest, I’m not one for partaking in tags but this one piqued my interest. Why, you ask? Because – books! I’m a sucker for anything book related or bookish. I saw this tag on my friend Janet’s blog and thought I’d give it a go! (I have also seen she’s tagged me in […]

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My All-Time Favourite Books (By Genre!) | rosie abigail

Books, books, and more books; the only thing to have kept me company during my sick leave! Thanks to an un-yet diagnosed issue with my very well prodded and tested intestines, I’ve been off for the past three weeks. In between the bouts of pain and codeine sleepiness, and not being able to leave the […]

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Five Best Books I Read in 2019! | rosie abigail

The same thing that happens every year happened again. ‘And what’s that?’ I hear you ask. I didn’t hit my reading goal (sigh, booo me). In all honesty, I don’t actually mind not hitting it, because setting a target was enough to get me reading more than I did in 2018! I also think starting […]

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