Homestretch Goals 2022 | rosie abigail

Homestretch Goals 2022 | Final Four Months of the Year | rosie abigail

With just over three months to go until 2022 is over and out, it’s time for the Homestretch Goals!

Inspired by the excellent Hannah Witton and her ‘Homestretch Goals’ series, I thought it was time to take stock, check in with myself, and see what I want to achieve before the year is out. Realistically, of course. I’m not going to write a novel, earn £20,000, and run a marathon in the next three months. I’m talking about small, home style goals that are good for my soul, body, and creativity. Without further ado, let’s jump in.

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Completely re-do our bedroom

Last month, if you had asked me ‘what is the next project in your house?’, I would have 100% said ‘the kitchen!’ We had plans for a renovation, knocking down walls, switching rooms around – the whole shebang. That was until a leak appeared in our roof, and now half of the bedroom ceiling needs to be replaced. Oof. In turn, that means the wallpaper has to come off because it’s ruined, and the skirting boards too. So we may as well redo the whole room to a gold-standard, instead of the cosy yet meh-standard we had before. We’ve just had our roof fixed by a professional for an eye-watering amount, but at least we are a water-tight house once again. Then, the rest is up to us; the husband and wife DIY dream duo. We’ll plasterboard the ceiling, skim it, take down the woodchip wallpaper, reapply new wallpaper, strip the fireplace, paint everything, get new built ins, add new skirting boards and coving, board up pipes, and plenty more – all whilst making sure our cat doesn’t walk in any paint…

Get back into yoga

I currently look like a prawn, with my shoulders and back hunched the way they are. When I stand up, I can feel I’ve been sitting like a crustacean for far too long. As I’m getting older, I can feel my joints aching and groaning, even when I wake up. It’s time I took care of myself again. Yoga With Adriene was my lifeline during lockdown, both mentally and physically. I need to get myself back into that place and back into that mindset of stretching everyday, because goodness my back needs it. 

Start work on our kitchen

Ah, another DIY challenge. That’s what we get for buying a fixer-upper, I guess. Whilst the bedroom is the project that needs to get done, the kitchen is the project that is itching my brain. So in between waiting for wallpaper to dry upstairs, I plan to be sanding and painting cabinets and sticking down vinyl tiles. Look, if I can do one small yet aesthetically pleasing task in my tatty room of a kitchen before the year is over, I’ll be happy. 

Read four books

Sixteen year old Rosie would look upon this goal like I had missed out a number. “Don’t you mean fourteen books? Or twenty-four??” Alas dear reader, I mean four. I have been awful at starting books this year and simply not finishing them. Not because they are bad by any means – I just haven’t had the energy to continue. But with over three months left of the year to go – I have time. Especially with Christmas and a honeymoon coming up, those are peak reading times. First up on the ‘YES, I’m going to read!’ list is The Book of Form & Emptiness by Ruth Ozeki. I have no idea what it is about but every book blogger I know has raved about it, so I’m excited to give it a read.

Get the ball rolling on mysterious health problems

Unfortunately, I’ve been out of action for the last few weeks, in and out of hospital appointments, doctor’s surgeries, and bed rest. I’ll spare you the gory details, but I’ve been battling some strong PCOS meets stomach meets bleeding problems that the emergency doctors couldn’t diagnose. However, I’ve been battling this problem for a few years and this is the first time I’ve finally been taken seriously. Finally, the doctors have said that what I am going through is not normal by any means. I mean, I could have told you that, but whatever. After years of being pushed aside and being told ‘you are just having period problems’, I’m going to grab all the support I am offered and I’m not taking no for an answer. You’ve heard it here first folks – by NYE 2022, I’m making sure I am booked in for tests and getting myself the answers I deserve. 

Make short form content my bitch

I love blogs. Writing them, reading them, the whole blogger community – perfection. I’m also a big fan of taking a pic for the grid. But Reels and Tiktoks? Whilst I consume them daily (almost too much some may say), I lack the witchcraft you need to create them consistently. Well, I’ve dipped my feet into the world of Reels, but once I’ve made one, I can’t make one for at least two weeks after. I just run out of ideas! The problem is, I like making them, how they capture a moment in time. So, I need to just dive in and make make make. It doesn’t matter how rough and ready they are, all it takes is a bit of practice. 

Have the honeymoon of dreams

Can November be here already? I’m literally counting down the days until I am on that plane, en route to sunny Florida – with the husband of course. I still find that strange, calling Rory my husband. But that and the honeymoon is all part of it! We are headed off for two weeks in Walt Disney World, with a smattering of Universal Studios thrown in for good measure. We’ve booked everything we want to do, from eating at signature restaurants and a day of golf, to taking a personal boat trip to building a lightsaber! You can’t take Star Wars away from me, not even in marriage. 

A blue sky with a few white clouds. Below it is a worn white building and the thrusters of the Millennium Falcon,
Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Photo by Brian McGowan on Unsplash

So, those are my homestretch goals for 2022. In all honesty, my brain is still processing 2019 so I’m baffled that 2022 is on the way out. Still, I’m happy with the goals I’ve set, even if some of them are the goal equivalent of doing something just to cross it off your list (I’m looking at you honeymoon).

What are your homestretch goals? You’re much more likely to achieve something if you write it out, so why don’t you let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading, friends. 

Rosie x

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One thought on “Homestretch Goals 2022 | Final Four Months of the Year | rosie abigail

  1. Sending hugs! Love reading your posts 🙂
    I hope the Dr. will help you out in getting the answers you deserve…
    I’ve had hyperchondriac phases this year a bit…

    Your home interior stuff sounds fun..would love to see some pictures 😍

    Have a great honeymoon dear! I hope he nukes you down❤️😌

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