Hot Girl Autumn. No, Literally – The Planet is Overheating | Rosie Abigail

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Not to be someone to wish away the summer, buuuuut I’m actively wishing away the summer. Some people thrive in this heat; lying out in the sun, making the most of pub gardens, getting that Hot Girl Summer. I’m more of a Soft Girl Autumn type of gal myself.  

I can’t put my finger on why I love autumn so much. There are so many reasons. For example, I get to have oversized jumpers as a part of my uniform. Tucked into high waisted trousers? Delightful. Tied in the middle with a midi skirt? Wonderful. Paired with the rattiest and comfiest pyjama bottoms that I own? Perfection

Let me tell you some more –

  • There’s no more disgusting under boob sweat or sweaty, sticky thighs. Goodbye 30 degree heat and hello – hello, 28 degree heat? This heatwave has to end at some point, right? Right?
  • Autumn also welcomes in the phenomenon that is ‘back to school’. Being childless and twenty-six, it’s not the prospect of back to school that makes me love autumn. It’s the stationery. Deals on notebooks, diaries, coloured pens, washi tape. A creative person’s heaven. 
  • Crunchy leaves! If I see a street laden with crunchy leaves, you know I am running and jumping down it like a child. Although I am worried that crunchy leaf season has already come and gone. Who knew that a drought caused by global warming would kill so many trees? 
  • Hot drinks, every moment of the day. And I’m not ashamed to say it – the best autumnal drink is a pumpkin spice latte. As soon as I started seeing those orange signs on the high street, it’s autumn.
  • I have a new tradition when it comes to autumn. Me, my husband, and two of our friends pile into our cars, go to our local farm, and go pumpkin picking. I’d like to start blackberry picking this year too and try to live my best cottagecore life. That is, if the blackberries make it past August. I’ve seen so many of them ripen early thanks to this damn weather.
  • Darker evenings call for a cup of tea, a blanket, and a new book. When the sun is up in the evening, my body seems to completely reject the idea of opening a book. But if I’ve got to put a jumper on, I turn into the book blogger and reader I was made to be. 
  • Sorry to be divisive here, and I know I’m going to be in the minority, but rain is my favourite weather. Hearing the rain on your umbrella? Watching it fall as you are warm inside? The smell of the earth after rain? It’s all perfection. Although, with the weather getting warmer, rainfall is increasing on average across the globe. Whilst I love the rain, I don’t think I love it enough to want to wreck the planet. 

So, I am excited for autumn. There are so many reasons for it being the most joyful and pleasant season! But I’m scared. Actually, I am really frightened. This summer has been hot. The hottest on record. We’ve had a heatwave, followed by two weeks of still abnormal but not healthy weather, and are now just headed out of another heatwave. As we take every step into autumn, I don’t see this slowing down. Am I going to be able to take my future children blackberry picking like my grandfather took me? What about walks around the town just to see the leaves? What about snow days, those joyous days off school?

Whoops. Excuse me. Got my passion for autumn intertwined with my fear for the future. I seem to be doing that a lot at the moment. Guess it’s time to dig out my jumpers and hold massive corporations accountable for the irreversible damage they are doing to our planet. Maybe you should too. 

Rosie x

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2 responses to “Hot Girl Autumn. No, Literally – The Planet is Overheating | Rosie Abigail”

  1. Girl! Even thou I am based in tropical region this year’s summer was taxing for us all too. My body hated it…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gah bless you! Love to watch the world burn 🙃


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