March Favourites 2022 | Podcasts, Perfumes, DIY and More…

March Favourites 2022 | Podcasts, Perfumes, DIY and More…

“Welcome to Spring!”, she says looking at the snow falling outside her window. We love a bit of global warming to start the season. That’s a lie, we don’t love any bit of global warming. Anyway, enough of focusing on the crippling state of the world and how it consumes my every thought, and let’s find some joy. It’s my March Favourites, baby!

Style | ASOS DESIGN mixed print tiered babydoll mini dress

In the words of Cher, can I hear a little commotion for the dress? Thank you, thank you, I appreciate the applause.

You may remember seeing this dress all over social media last summer in a daisy and blue colourway. There’s a reason for that – it’s hella cute. This February, this dress popped into my brain and I just had to check if ASOS still stocked it. Sadly, the blue version has not made an appearance yet but the winter-spring colourway is here! I feel cute with a capital C when I wear it. It’s a great length, no flashing here, fits in all the right places, and the pièce de résistance is that it has pockets. YES, wonderful, deep, practical pockets!

There is only one problem and it’s really not the dresses’ fault. Unfortunately, I am too blessed in the chest to wear the dress without something underneath it. When we had the three days of fake summer this month, I found a black slip or bralette worked well. In the colder weather, like now, wearing a turtleneck and leggings with the dress is my go to look. It really is a seasonal all-rounder. Personally, I can’t wait for the summer pics!

Books & Podcasts | Serial

An image of a phone on a wooden table, with the Serial podcast. There are plants on the left, and a black coffee on the right. There's also white headphones on the table.

You are speaking to a true crime buff over here. So I imagine it’ll come as a surprise to some that I’ve only just started the podcast series Serial. Arguably, it is the true crime podcast that started all other true crime podcasts. The first season of Serial explores the conviction of a high schooler for the murder of his ex-girlfriend in the nineties. Did he do it? Was he incorrectly imprisoned? Did someone else kill Hae Min Lee? I’m currently on episode twelve of the twelve episodes and I’m listening to it at every moment I can. In fact, it’s on as I’m writing this! What I love about this podcast is that Sarah Koening, the host, approaches the story with such sincerity and relatability. I feel like a friend is presenting a story and research to me and just me. Also, the podcast doesn’t just cover a true crime story for the morbidity or human interest that we all have. It has a goal to find out the truth, and maybe save an ‘innocent’ person from a life in prison…

Skincare & Beauty | Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford

Well, my favourite ‘skincare & beauty’ thing this month is not quite skincare, not quite beauty, but we’ll put it in the category anyway.

Reader, I have found my signature scent! For the past few years, I’ve gone through the same similar perfumes, just buying ones I know will smell good on me. DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom, Coach Floral, even Vera Wang Princess. Perfumes that are fruity and floral; rose scented and sweet; youthful and girly. Youthful and girly are not words I’d use to describe myself anymore. I’m a practical, creative, badass woman. She’s grown! So, I wanted a perfume to reflect that.

A purple and gold bottle of Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford. It is on a white shelf. Behind it are two colourful prints in light brown frames.

I tried to get my hands on some Maison Margiela Replica samples to no avail, so ordered samples of some Le Labo and Black Orchid. But one perfume stood out. Enter, Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford. Ohhhh it’s just deep and delicious. My favourite notes of the perfume are orange and bergamot, and the undertone of suede earthiness grounds it. Every time I spray it, it lights a fire in my belly and makes me feel invincible. Power to the perfume.

Home | DIY Mirror

At this point in my life, every day is a DIY day. Recently, I worked on a mirror and it has become one of my favourite statement pieces in my home.

A brown shelf holding brown frames with pink and yellow prints. There is also a gold frame mirror with black and white flowers on the mirror.

It’s a gilded gold mirror I got for cheap on Facebook marketplace and I bought it last spring before we moved into our house. We only got it up on the wall last autumn where it promptly got knocked down and the frame broke. Yikes. It was only when we finished our study renovation that I found the broken pieces tucked away and a lightbulb went off in my head. Out came the wood glue to fix the frame, followed by the Posca pens to hide the scratches on the mirror. Et voilà! A statement decor piece with some functionality and a lot of aesthetically pleasing vibes. 

Wildcard | Pearl, our rescue cat!

To no-one’s surprise, my wildcard favourite is, of course, my cat. She’s even had her own blog post! We’ve had Pearl in our lives for nearly a month now, and I can no longer imagine our home without our sassy, cuddly, little rescue cat. She curls around my head in the morning and nibbles on my cardigan like I’m her mum. Pearl chirps and mews as soon as she jumps up for cuddles, and cuddles are a constant. She also gets the zoomies at about 8am and 10pm where everything becomes part of playtime – especially the laser pen. I love her with every inch of my being and has filled my life with joy (and smelly litter boxes).

Pearl, a blue, grey, and cream Ragamuffin cat sat on cream and grey bedsheets. The wall behind her is green.

So, these have been my March favourites! Whilst I am still baffled that we are well and truly into spring, I am looking forward to what April holds. It’s going to be busy. Wedding admin is piling up, trips on the horizon, and a few fun blogging ventures that I can’t wait for you to see!

What has been your favourite part of March? Whether that be a memory, trip, book, meal out, anything – let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading and have a cracking April. 

Rosie x

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One response to “March Favourites 2022 | Podcasts, Perfumes, DIY and More…”

  1. Your march was very beautiful!!
    Love that mirror btw and you are giving a good life to pearl, kudos
    I wish you a happy April


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