Renovating My ~Dream~ Boho Office | DIY & Renovation | rosie abigail

Renovating My ~Dream~ Boho Office | DIY & Renovation | rosie abigail

It’s transformation central here, folks!

Back in the summer of 2021, my fiancé and I bought a filthy, unloved, terraced Victorian house that smelt of smoke, weed, and cat pee. I’m very aware that on paper that does not sound like an appealing buy. But we managed to look past the flea infested carpets at what it could be – a charming, colourful, and spacious family home. Despite my dreams of turning up in my dungarees like Donna in Mamma Mia and going at the whole house with tins of paint, reality was a little different thanks to the fact it was filthy, unloved, and full of cat pee. So our priorities became making a usable kitchen, painting the bedroom to get rid of the smell, and completely renovating the lounge space whilst on a budget. 

So after six months of living in the house, we finally could get on with the exciting part. A full room renovation baby! We completely re-did our spare room by ourselves and made it into a cosy, bright, boho home office meets spare room of dreams. You ready for some before and after shots?

When we bought the house, the room looked like this. 

An image of the spare room. The walls are pink, and the floor is bright pink. There is a window in the corner and a fireplace on the wall.
An image of the spare room. The walls and floor are pink, and paint is peeling off the walls.

The wallpaper was bright pink, damaged, and peeling. The carpet was an even brighter pink, was fitted with no underlay or gripper, and came with a variety of sticky and smelly stains.

So, we gutted that room; walls, floors, and doors. As we didn’t have an unlimited budget, we decided to do all of the DIY ourselves, beside carpet fitting. So we filled the cracks in our one hundred year old walls, put up wallpaper, got the paintbrushes and frog tape out, and hotfooted it to IKEA.

Want to see what the room looks like now?

The original cast iron fireplace is one of our favourite features of the house. Hello There print from OhSoDaisy on Etsy and Grow print from EsmeLDesigns on Etsy
A pastel hand painted mural. The base is lilac, hill is light pink, second hill is orange, and the sun is yellow.
My pride and joy of the office – a hand painted mural!
A plant in a yello pot, next to a Singin in the Rain poster, and a Bauhaus poster.
The Bauhaus print is from GoPosterStore on Etsy, and the Spanish Singin’ in the Rain print is from The Last Bookshop in Bristol

Oh the joy I get walking into that room is just incredible. The soft carpet under foot, the bright mural, the colourful art prints. It’s just a heavenly place to work and rest! We still do have some work to do – sorting the corner out behind the divider, filling out my desk, touching up the ceiling. But now, it’s a usable and comfortable dream office where I can get my blog on!

Let me know if you want me to talk more about my renovation experience, from how we manage a Victorian house to how we pick our colour scheme!

Tell me, what would be a necessity for your dream office? For me, it’s a gooood chair. I picked up the chair by my desk from Facebook Marketplace, and it’s actually an ergonomic chair! It makes me sit up very straight but also makes me realise how hunched over I sit everywhere else in my life. Whoooops. 

Rosie x

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