Favourite Instagrams to Fill Your Feed | International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day ya’ll! For me, this weekend is all about celebrating the badass women I know and look up to, whether they be friends, family members, colleagues, authors, or celebrities.

I thought it would be a good idea to bring IWB over to the blog; after all, it’s something I am passionate about. I considered quite a few ideas for IWD inspired blog posts, ranging from my favourite feminist novels, to talking about the women that made me who I am. However, in an often cruel and nasty online world,  I’ve decided that I want to share the good and positive side of that world! I’ve made it a set rule that I only follow people on social media who are positive or bring me joy; nothing to do with diet suppressants, the negative side of the fashion industry, and anything else that makes me scrunch up my nose or bubble with anger. So, here are four Instagram accounts of female-identifying folk who bring joy and positivity to my feed!

Helen Anderson – @helenanderz

First up, we have the utter goddess that is Helen Anderson. I found her on YouTube a few years back and she has since become one of my favourite people online. On both YouTube and Instagram, she bubbles with relatability and realism; from her witty captions and foul mouth, to chatting candidly about mortgages and getting a divorce, and talking about belly rolls and thick thighs. Style is a big part of what makes Helen so wonderful to have on my feed. She wears what she wants and wears it with confidence, which truly makes her a style icon in my books. For any of you, like me, who tend to lean towards the more indie or ‘alternative’ style, Helen is someone you need to follow. 

Stephanie Yeboah – @stephanieyeboah

Some of you may recognise Stephanie from her blog, which used to be known as Nerd About Town. Nowadays, Stephanie is a blogger and freelance writer all about fat positivity and lifestyle! Her Insta is full of her serving looks, ranging from street style, magazine covers, and events. If Stephanie is wearing it, it’s bound to end up on my ‘Outfit Inspo’ Pinterest board one way or another. She is also releasing a book in September, called Fattily Ever After, about her experiences as a black, plus-sized woman, with sprinklings of history and advice along the way. Catch me on that pre-order list!

Hannah Witton – @hannahwitton

Up next, we have the wonderful Hannah Witton. Recently, I’ve been struggling with an undiagnosed condition in my intestine area, and it’s been a tough and upsetting time. But then, I discovered Hannah! Hannah speaks openly about living life with a stoma and dealing with ulcerative colitis, a condition that the doctors originally thought I had. Her videos helped to keep me calm, educated, and in control when I felt worried or lost in myself. In regards to her Instagram, it’s bright, fun, honest, and completely sex and body positive. Hannah has shown me that having a disability or illness doesn’t have to define me; that I can still be bright and colourful and confident, no matter the situation. 

Jenn Im – @imjennim

Verging back into YouTube territory, I bring you another of my favourites; Jenn Im. Her feed seeps with effortless style, which, although is a perk, it’s only one of the reasons I follow her. She breathes honesty online, which tends to be rare nowadays. She is also loud and proud about her Korean background, which helps to educate her followers, myself included! Let’s not forget, Jenn is the definition of a boss. She has her own clothing brand called Eggie which features modern clothes awash with nineties influences, like Jenn’s own style. Follow for LA vibes, and power dressing.

So, those are my four favourite fierce females on Instagram right now. If you are looking for more recommendations of people to follow, I wrote a variation on this post a year or so ago, called ‘Fill Your Feed with Fearlessness and Feel-Good’. Check it out! I also thought I’d add another Instagram account you could follow… me!

Me! – @itsrosieabigail

Yes, I talk a lot about books and band tees over on my Instagram, but I also aim to make it an honest reflection of life. I talk about my struggles with mental and physical health, and just hope to make people smile (whilst of course taking photos of my bullet journal and shameless outfit pics)!

Let me know in the comments what accounts bring joy and positivity to your feed; I’d love to check them out. Happy International Women’s Day to you all!

Rosie x

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3 thoughts on “Favourite Instagrams to Fill Your Feed | International Women’s Day

  1. This is a lovely post ♡ It’s so nice to see women raising up other women! Happy International Women’s Day!!


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