It’s 2018 and a large part of our personal world revolves around being online and on social media. I adore social media; it keeps me updated with the outer world and my inner circle, pushes my creativity, and ensures that I am constantly learning. However, in an online world full of appetite suppressing lollipops, hustle over heart, systemic sexism/racism/homophobia/size and many other isms, it’s hard to find positivity and realism online. I’ve made it a personal task to only fill my social media feeds with content and people that don’t spout unnecessary negativity, that exude creativity, and just generally aren’t bellends. And damn, has it made a difference. So, I have decided to share with you my favourite public figures that fill my feed, specifically Instagram, in an attempt to help you fill your feed with positivity and creativity too. And, it just so happens they are all women…

Kimberly Drew – @museummammy – art curator, writer, activist



For those of you whom have been following this blog for a while, you’ll know that I’ve talked about Kimberly before, and I can confirm that my admiration for this woman has not faltered. Kimberly is currently the Social Media Manager for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and came onto the art scene by starting a blog called ‘Black Contemporary Art’, a Tumblr account that shone a light on art so often looked over by the modern art world. Alongside working for the Met and other establishments, she is now co-writing a book called ‘The Black Futures Project’. Her Instagram account is an artistic mix, as you would really expect. It highlights black art, so wonderful for those looking for art recommendations, discusses social justice and movements, and documents her life as a strong woman taking the world by storm, balancing heart and hustle.

Megan Crabbe – @bodyposipanda – author, internet figure, body positivity



I initially found Megan’s account through a regram. The regram was of a chubby, beautiful woman, dancing unabashedly, wildly, and happily in her underwear. I couldn’t help but smile seeing it; look, there’s a woman with my body, with jiggle and cellulite, dancing and smiling on the internet, WITHOUT BEING SEXUALISED. Megan’s account is full of body positivity and proper body positivity; she champions and celebrates all body types, not just skinny or curvy, and highlights many other related topics such as mental health and disabilities. Aesthetically, Megan’s account is full of pastel colours, belly rolls, positive quotes, and braless joy. Her account never fails to make me smile.

Carrie Hope Fletcher – @carriehopefletcher – actress, singer, author, vlogger



I’ve been a fan of Carrie’s for many years, from watching the videos of her singing in her bedroom, to sitting in the theatre, watching amazed as she owns the role of Wednesday in The Addams Family. Carrie Hope Fletcher is one of my biggest inspirations, especially as I am a woman who wants to do it all, specifically in the creative industry. She’s a musical theatre actress (has played Eponine in Les Miserables, Truly Scrumptious in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and Veronica in Heathers The Musical to name a few roles), singer-songwriter, author of bestselling books, and accomplished vlogger. Online, Carrie does not shy away from showing the struggles and difficulties that come with being a professional creative, whether that be with rehearsal processes, writing a book, balancing personal life with an eight show week, or ensuring that self-care is achieved. She is also very aware of her privilege, and does not turn a blind eye towards that. Her Instagram account is full of behind the scenes pictures from shows she is in, any projects she works on, Disney, fashion and beauty, and full on realism. I’d recommend that any creative souls or people who want to do it all follow her account; it’s always good to see another person going through the motions.

Tabria Majors – tabriamajors – model



Last year, Tabria Majors rocketed onto the model scene, after being selected out of 5000 applicants to feature in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. What made her so different? She’s a plus-size model. She publicly rocks her size 16 body in bikinis and outfits that have been typically reserved for straight sized models, and she does so confidently and unblushingly (as she so rightly should)! Just seeing another jiggly, curvy body on my Instagram feed is enough to start my day right. She is not ashamed to point out her cellulite and stretch marks, and shut people down when they comment negatively on her weight. Tabria also uploads her workout regimes to Insta Stories, so you can follow along with her. Tabria’s Instagram feed is of no-make up, real photos of herself, promoting body confidence, fitness and self-love.


Jameela Jamil – @jameelajamilofficial – actress, presenter



I knew of Jameela when I was a teenager; she was a T4 presenter, the likes of Caroline Flack, Alexa Chung, and Nick Grimshaw; the ‘cool gang’. However, many years have passed, and now Jameela is starring in the comedic Netflix hit ‘The Good Place’ as Tahani al-Jamil. Earlier this year, I became obsessed with ‘The Good Place’, and made sure to fill my social media accounts with the actors and creator behind the show. I soon learnt what a breath of fresh air Jameela is in regards to the ridiculousness of Hollywood. Jameela constantly calls out the negative effects of sexism and the patriarchy that still linger in Hollywood, and does so publicly and angrily – see her tweets regarding Quentin Tarantino’s new movie here. She also has started a social movement called @i_weigh, where people share ‘what they weigh’ in terms of personality, skills, and moments, not in kilograms; an amazing response to the normalised question that actresses get asked, of ‘so, how much do you weigh?’ I’d recommend following both accounts for some feminist fire and body shame crushing.


Louise Pentland – @sprinkleofglitr – author, YouTuber



I discovered Louise Pentland at an important age, in my mid-teens, where I was learning a lot of myself and what it meant to be a woman. Fast forward to now, and the YouTube video content Louise makes is just as important now as it was then. She has always been honest in her videos, whether that be a fashion and beauty video, a clothing haul, videos on loss or lifestyle or motherhood; something I find very refreshing in today’s online world. Whilst she tackles large subjects very well, her videos are also just a joy to watch. Her honesty and integrity shine through, and I never fail to laugh, whether I be watching one of her weekly vlogs, a haul, or a motherhood video. Although I am very far from being a mother myself, her videos have shown the ups and the downs of motherhood in a true light, and she does not shy away from discussing the ugly bits as well as the happy moments. I believe that Louise Pentland is one of the most important creators of the YouTube generation – she is realistic, warm, intelligent, and shows her audience that you can achieve your dreams through darn hard work. Her account if full of fashion, tender family moments, and books.

I’d also like to thank Louise for introduce me to the idea of wearing bike shorts underneath skirts to stop chub rub; my life has changed for the better.


Mama Cax – @mamacaxx – blogger, advocate, model



It’s safe to say Cax is one strong lady. At the age of 14, she was diagnosed with lung and bone cancer, and told she has three weeks to live. She survived, but not without having her right leg amputated. Now, as an adult, she is showing the world what being differently abled actually means, and is smashing the negative stereotypes around that. Not only is she a model who has featured for brands like Chromat and ASOS, she is also travel blogger, social justice advocate, and all around badass. Mama Cax’s feed is full of glorious fashion shots (including her prosthetic leg and leg covers), beauty, travel snaps, and fitness. It’s a joy to see Cax appear on my feed, and I smile just knowing of the good that the representation she is presenting is doing.

Thank you for reading, and I hope I’ve managed to introduce more positivity into your social media feeds. Let me know, who are your favourite positive accounts?

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