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The month that feels like a whole year in itself has ended, thank goodness! I won’t lie, January hasn’t really gone how I wanted it to. I wanted to start the new year on a high, kicking butt with my creativity and fitness. However, I’ve been in bed most of the month with an as yet undiagnosed condition with my intestine (sounds fun, I know). Still, there’s always joy to be found in tough situations, and I’ve found a lot of joy this month via my favourites. Without further ado, here’s my favourites of January 2020!


My beauty fave of the month comes in the form of something I personally would consider a necessity; I’m talking shampoo and conditioner! But I’m not talking about any basic shampoo and conditioner, hell nah. I’m talking about The Body Shop’s Shea Butter range. It is goooorgeous. I really have to thank my grandparents for this; they got me a Body Shop gift card for Christmas so I went in. I got my usual skin care products like the Chamomile Cleanser and Aloe Vera Moisturizer, picked up a new facial oil to try, and with some money left on the card, I asked a shop assistant what would be good for dry, wavy hair. Next thing I know, I’m coming home with a new shampoo and conditioner.

In all honesty, I’ve spent most of January feeling grim; that’s the only word that I think incompasses it all. However, having this new shampoo and conditioner has been wonderful for me. No matter how much pain I’ve been in, how bad my skin is, how tired I feel, my hair is feeling and looking healthy. It really does bring out the curls in my wavy hair, and it feels so nourished. As someone who only washes their hair twice a week, my hair stays clean and shiny in between washes, and it brings me that little bit of joy that I need.


Pre-swelling of my intestine, I picked up this beautiful dress from Fat Face. Originally £75 down to £30 in the sale, it cuts a lovely shape, has a cosmic pattern, and has POCKETS. I wrote more about it in this post last week, where I even say it’s the perfect dress. I still stand by that statement.

Another style favourite from this month, are these silver boots from Primark! Another sale item, I bought these about two years ago on a whim, and as they are pretty outlandish, I haven’t gotten a lot of wear out of them. Fast forward to my friend having cocktails, me settling on an all black jumpsuit, and then feeling unhappy with how plain I was looking – enter the silver boots. They are so comfortable, the heel isn’t too high (very handy for a clumsy lass like myself), and they make me feel like a million bucks!

Food & Drink

It’s been a pretty dire month for food and drink. I’ve been living on a diet of exclusively bread, plain rice, and the occasional vegetable soup. Still, it’s all about finding joy in tough times, and I’ve found some joy –  Teapig’s Peppermint Leaf Tea.

My mum sent me a little care package with a magazine, some self-care cards, and this tea, and it made me so happy. For now, I’ve had to cut out all caffeine and sweet drinks (goodbye tea, coffee, and hot chocolate), so I’ve really started to miss having a hot drink. So I tried one cup of this and now I’m hooked. If I’ve got a mug in my hands, it’s going to be Teapig’s Peppermint. It’s sweet and fresh, doesn’t set off any condition flare ups, and the bags can each be used again. To me, it’s a hug in a mug.


I’m still reading my favourite book of the month, that’s how much I’m loving it. The book in question is The Mabinogion. I am Welsh through and through, born and bred by the Severn River, and am beyond passionate about the arts. So, it was about damn time I started reading this book!

The Mabinogion is a collection of Welsh stories from the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, and was originally told via oral tradition. I was reminded about it after watching the Aberfan episode of The Crown. It made me want to learn more about my own and my country’s history, and jogged my memory of The Mabinogion. One Amazon order later, and it’s on my doorstep. Reading the book has been a magical experience to me. I’m recognising stories from school, names of places, and it’s bringing back memories of songs I have learnt to sing. It’s pure nostalgia, mixed with learning and history. I’d recommend anyone with a Welsh background, or eye for history, give it a read.


Finally, I have my wildcard. This wildcard is probably the most niche, Rosie-esque thing I’ve ever written about. I’ve only gone and introduced a traditional ink pen into my life! This pen set was gifted to me by my boyfriend’s brother as a Christmas gift, and I adore it. I already love writing and calligraphy, and I’ve always admired people who can write with proper ink pens. Now it’s my turn to get to grips with it.

I’ll admit, I can’t do calligraphy or art with this pen yet, but I have gotten the hang of normal writing with it! It’s so satisfying the see the ink dry as you write, and even little lists look like works of art. I don’t plan on using it for everyday tasks, but it will certainly become a staple in my bullet journal and watercolour paintings.

So, those are my favourites of January 2020! If there’s one thing I have learnt, is that there are silver linings everywhere you look. And those silver linings can be anything, from good food, to time with family, to even using a nice pen. Let me know what you’ve been enjoying this month!

Rosie x

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