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It’s grey, it’s raining, and it’s dark when I leave work – it must be winter in the UK! Although the weather may be grim, it doesn’t mean that I want my outfits to reflect that (despite the fact that I am a sucker for an all-black ensemble). So, I’ve made it my goal for the colder months to add some more colours and shapes to my outfits. Farewell to my navy turtleneck and black skinny jeans, hello to a newly styled winter wardrobe! Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of my favourite looks I’ve got planned for the drizzle and the ice.

The Perfect Dress (no, seriously; it’s perfect…)

Dress from Fat Face, jumper from New Look

I first saw this dress in a window in Fat Face, and fell head over heels in love with it. I swiftly fell out of love with it when I saw the price. Look, I’m a recent graduate, I don’t have £75 laying around to spend on one piece of clothing; I’ve got bills to pay and mouths to feed (me, it’s my mouth I have to feed). A few months after gazing sadly at the window, I found it reduced to £30 and snapped up the last size 14.

If I had to describe my perfect dress, this would be it. The cinching at the waist accentuates my figure, I’m a sucker for navy and cosmic prints, and most importantly, IT HAS POCKETS. Deep pockets at that; I can hold my phone in one pocket, and snacks in the other. The dress also fuels my aesthetic dreams of being a vintage-esque librarian, and I am not mad about it. The material of the dress itself is a little thin, so to get me through the winter, I’ll pair it with leggings and this cropped jumper from New Look. The crop hits directly above the hips, so maintains that flattering form, whilst still adding warmth. Plus, the white helps to draw out the star print. Colleagues, you’d better get used to me wearing this in the office!

Pop Art & Ben-Day Dots

As a woman who normally steers away from white clothing thanks to being clumsy in nature, this is a daring outfit for me. I love me some modern art, and one of my all-time favourite pieces happens to be ‘WHAAM!’ by Roy Lichtenstein; the print on this t-shirt! The shirt itself is directly from the Tate Modern (where ‘WHAAM!’ is currently being shown), and was a gift from my boyfriend after he saw me lose my mind seeing all of the art up close in the gallery. It’s a unisex fit, so sits rather boxy on my figure, which I have no qualms about.

I love tucking this tee into something high-waisted and creating a gorgeous figure. I accidentally paired this spotted skirt from ASOS with the tee, only to realise it fits the pop art theme so well! Lichtenstein uses Ben-Day Dots a lot in his works, which are small coloured dots layered or spaced to create colour or effect. A spotty skirt and a pop art tee? A match made in heaven! Throughout the year, I’d tend to pair this with sheer black tights, but as its winter and currently -2 degrees, thick black leggings will have to do. To keep my arms warm, I’d wear a cardigan, either my plain black option, or my thick white woolly cardi, to let the ‘WHAAM!’ print do the talking. 

Teenage Throwback

T-shirt from Gorillaz tour, jeans from New Look

This wouldn’t be a Rosie style post if there wasn’t a band tee involved. The band tee in question is from Gorillaz’s ‘Escape to Plastic Beach’ tour, so it is almost ten years old! I was lucky enough to see one of the shows in Birmingham for my fourteenth birthday, and picked up this men’s tour tee. I wore it for a few years, and then as my style changed, it got moved to the back of my wardrobe. When I tried it on again last year, it was soon veeeery obvious that I no longer have the body of a pre-teen, so some changes had to be made. I felt super self-conscious about how tight the tee fit around the boob area thanks to the round neck design, so I cut in a v-neck. Plus, I found it fit a little too tight around the shoulders, so I added a cold-shoulder. 

Although my style has changed throughout the years, I am an indie girl at heart, so my favourite thing to wear with this tee is a pair of high waisted jeans. These bad boys are a mom jean fit from New Look, and are the most flattering jeans I have ever got my hands on. Before people start going ‘girl, you are going to be cold with those shoulder cut outs’ – I know. That’s why I pop a black turtleneck underneath. Cut outs and mom jeans keep the shirt flattering, turtleneck adds warmth and a little sophistication. 

So, those are my three favourite outfits for winter in Britain. All of these pair nicely with my trainers and black lace up boots, the only two pairs of shoes I’ll be rocking for a while. They also sit really well under my everyday single-breasted teal coat I got from New Look a few years ago. I say favourite outfits; these are outfits for if I have to see another human. When I’m in the house, I’ll be wearing big jumpers, leggings, fluffy socks, and a blanket draped over me like a toga!

Let me know what you think, and what you’re favourite pieces are for winter.

Rosie x

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3 responses to “My Winter Style for 2020 | rosie abigail”

  1. […] the sale, it cuts a lovely shape, has a cosmic pattern, and has POCKETS. I wrote more about it in this post last week, where I even say it’s the perfect dress. I still stand by that […]


  2. That dress is stunning! Looks like you really swiped a bargain too which is always good – I love finding these sorts of wardrobe staples, it’s like they’re meant to be found by you!

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    1. I love me a good bargain – especially in shops I normally can’t afford! It’s such a good staple, great for work, dinners going out, anything! 🙂

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