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I love any excuse to get a new bullet journal (and I mean any excuse). And in my eyes, there’s no better reason to start a new journal than the new year! With January nearly at an end, my 2020 bujo has begun to fill up. So I thought it was time to show you what I’ve done for my 2020 and January spreads so far.

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For Christmas, I received a bright yellow softcover Leuchtturm 1917 in my stocking (I had a gut feeling that someone would get me a notebook like this for Christmas, so here’s a pat on the back for me). Usually, I use a hardcover Rhodia Webnotebook as I love the paper quality, but I won’t lie; Rhodia has got a contender here. As someone who loves art but is not very good at it, I never decorate my covers. However, my boyfriend got me a wax sealing kit for Christmas, and I just couldn’t resist putting a little ‘R’ seal in the corner.

Every time I start a new journal, I always put a calendar in the front. It’s quick to flip back to and keeps with the diary feel that I like. As it’s a new year, I made sure to put my goals in too. I don’t do new year’s resolutions; these goals are ones that I’ve already started and would like to continue. By writing down my goals for the year, I find I’m more likely to get going on them – especially as they are there staring me in the face as soon as I open my bujo,

After the dates and goals comes the more generic yearly spreads; at least generic in my eyes. The meal ideas spread is handy for meal planning, and also means I’m not stuck making the same pasta dish for five days in a row. Then my culture pages keep track of what I’ve enjoyed this year. Finally, I have my outfits spread. It’s simple; I’m a lazy dresser, and I am not standing for it this year. So, having an outfit spread will let me see what outfits I was vibing in, in turn helping to break up the mom jeans and turtleneck tradition.

I’ve already said I am not an artist (my GCSE Art teacher made sure to tell me that), but boy oh boy am I proud of this page. It’s just a little self-care spread with some easy line drawings, but it brings me so much joy! If I ever feel a rise in my anxiety or feel woefully overwhelmed, I’ll flip over to this page and see if any of these drawings spark an idea.

I’m not really a gal who buys a lot of ‘women’s magazines’, but I always seem to purchase them when traveling long distances. After traveling from Winchester to South Wales a few times, I had a lot at my disposal to cut up and make in collages! In all honesty, I read them and then tend to get annoyed at the lack of body positivity and diversity so I have no qualms in destroying/recycling them. I tend to use collages, quotes, or pictures to act as an introduction to a new section of bujo. So bye bye 2020 pages, hello January spreads!

To start a new month, I always have a ‘month at a glance’ spread. I don’t really have a set template for these as my designs are never pre-planned. As long as they have a calendar and to-do list, I consider it a success. I do have to say, I love the purple titles for January’s, especially the 90s inspired shadow writing.

Following on from my month at a glance, I have my wellness pages. The first two are my habit tracker and mood tracker (please don’t judge me for some of the gaps, I know). I find that these two trackers interact; for example, if I don’t work out and forget my medication, then my mood is going to be low. It’s interesting to see correlations arise from just these two trackers. And by making them both colourful and aesthetically pleasing, I find I’m more likely to fill them in.

The next two wellness pages are rather new to my bujo-ing system, and that’s my sleep tracker and gratitude tracker. As someone whose sleep tends to get affected by my anxiety, I find it’s good to track so I can reflect and integrate with my other wellness pages, to see if there’s a trigger. Writing down one thing I have been grateful for each day has been a great move. Even on hard days, and I’ve had a few of those in January, it makes me think what I am truly thankful for, and how lucky I am to be where I am.

After the monthly spreads, we move on to weekly spreads; my favourite part! I tend to make these on the weekend ready for a new week. To be honest, I don’t really have a plan when it comes to making these. If I’m liking a colour, a style, a quote, anything, that will become the inspiration for the theme.

For me, I like to have a few set items in my weekly spreads. These include daily boxes, my meal plans, a to do list, and a mini calendar. Then, it’s a free for all! Recently, I’ve been going for more more rigid and structured spreads, but it honestly depends where my head is at. I have experimented with a few different mediums, such as watercolours and acrylic paint but I’ll always come back to the faithful black fine-liners and soft tip pens.

So, that’s how my 2020 bullet journal is currently looking! If you haven’t got a bujo, I thoroughly recommend giving it a go; it’s a great mix of creativity and structure. For you bujo-ers out there, let me know if you have any spreads or pages you always put in; I love to know how other people’s bujos are like!

Rosie x

PS Feel free to drop me a comment if you have any questions about the pens and materials I use!

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5 thoughts on “My 2020 Bullet Journal | rosie abigail

  1. These are some beautiful spreads and I really love the lettering on them all! I’ve started trying to do gratitude lists for this year but I’ve just been scribbling them down, I’ve been inspired by your gratitude page set up though I think I’ll definitely have to try it for February! X

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    1. Ahh thank you! The lettering takes so long, but I always think it’s worth it. Even scribbling down notes on gratitude is a good start, and I hope you find making space for them in your bujo works for you! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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