Top 10 Classics Novels to Read If You *Hate* Reading the Classics | rosie abigail

Top 10 Classic Novels to Read If You *Hate* Reading the Classics

Another day, another blog post to rip up the classics (metaphorically of course, I’m not a monster). Whilst I love reading, classic novels are not really my thing. When I say ‘classic novels’, I’m sure you can already conjure them up in your mind. Books by Dickens, Hardy, Tolstoy, Austen, Dostoevsky etc. You know, the…

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Best Books to Give as Gifts for *Everyone* in Your Life | Books and Giftgiving

If you know me, I am one bookish girl, and I think there’s no greater gift than giving someone a book you think they’ll enjoy. So with Christmas coming up and buying gifts online being the safest bet, I thought I’d make a kind of gift-giving-guide for books! I’ve (loosely) taken the five types of people you are bound to have in your life, and racked my brain to work out what books would be great gifts for them.