January Favourites 2023 | Books, Skincare, Second-hand Shopping | Rosie Abigail

January Favourites 2023 | Books, Skincare, Second-hand Shopping | Rosie Abigail

I suppose I could say ‘wow, I can’t believe it’s the end of January already!’ But I feel like that every single month. I’m just not very good with the concept of time, I guess… Still, January 2023 has come to an end and you know what that means. With the end of a month comes monthly favourites! Lets dive right into it…

Skincare – Gua Sha

It seems my reputation as a skincare lover and The Body Shop stan followed me towards the end of 2022. Christmas came and it was raining skincare. No complaints here. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know one of my skincare favourites is the Edelweiss range from The Body Shop. My nan topped me up on some of the serums but to my surprise, it came with a Gua Sha. Oh yeah, I’m a Gua Sha girlie now. 

If you have never come across a Gua Sha or the practice of it before, it’s a full body health practice that originated in traditional Chinese medicine, where you scrape away illness or bumps with a smooth tool. Despite being a staple practice in many Asian countries, over the last few years facial Gua Sha became an extremely popular practice across the world to add to skincare routines. Now, I do not care about using it to ‘carve chiselled cheekbones’ or to ‘get rid of that double chin’ – my double chin is a part of me, okay? But as someone with almost constant sinus pressure and facial tension, this Gua Sha has become my favourite part of my skincare routine. 

An image of white cotton rounds, a white tie bag, a green green sha, and a brown bottle on a marble background.
Photo by Miska Sage on Unsplash

I simply apply serum to my face, either The Body Shop’s Edelweiss Serum Concentrate or The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid 2%, and then use the Gua Sha in strokes and circular movements. Now, don’t try this without watching some videos first – you don’t want to end up using too much pressure and doing some damage. Facial bruises are not the one – but clear sinuses are.

Book – The Secret History by Donna Tartt

Why didn’t anyone tell me about this book sooner?! I had to rely on bookstagram to introduce me to it. After seeing about twenty-five reels singing its praises, I decided to trust the algorithm and buy it. The algorithm did not disappoint.

An image of a black cover book, that says 'The Secret History' and 'Donna' Tartt' in gold letters. It is being held by a white hand over yellow and white pages of books.

The Secret History is a campus novel and follows a college student as he embarks on his year of Greek studies at Hampden College, Vermont. It is a story driven by discussions of class, beauty, and expectation; dripping in Classics based history and lore; and doused in the best-selling aspects of gothic twists, turns, and murder. If post-modern or dark academic literature is your thing, you need to pick this up.

Or if you just want a good, long thriller. Or if you want to try something new. Simply put – if you are in need of a new read, pick this one up first. I devoured it in a week and it’s now pushed its way up into my top five novels – nay, top five books – list. 

Experience – Vintage Kilo Sale

Shopping for well-made clothes at low prices whilst doing my bit for the environment? You need to find a Kilo Sale. Towards the end of January, I got tickets to the Vintage Kilo Sale in Winchester. These sales travel throughout the UK, and you can usually find one at any point on the map. The premise is you buy a ticket, get a bag, and fill that bag up with second-hand and vintage items. Then, you pay for the price of the bag! This time around, my bag weighed just over three kilos and I spent just over £60. This included a black Wrangler jumper (currently selling for £50 online); an oversized, thick, denim jacket; a knitted, oversized jumper; a good quality pair of men’s jeans; and a tartan style pair of wool culottes. All for just over £60. What a bargain

Style – Wrangler Jumper

Speaking of what I got at the Vintage Kilo Sale, I am living in this Wrangler jumper. It’s a classic crewneck, oversized and is the perfect comfort piece. It can help to make any office outfit more approachable, or act as the perfect ‘throw on to go to the shops’ jumper. LOVE IT.


Finally, we have the Wildcard of January and is brought to you by the King of Surprises, my husband. From coming back from Scotland early to surprise me on my birthday, to completely panelling our hallway whilst I was away for the weekend, big surprises are one of his love languages. This Christmas though? He knocked it out of the park

Typically, we only give each other one gift at Christmas. Maximum £40, nothing ginormous, but something thoughtful nonetheless. I thought I was being a little cheeky by going over budget and getting him a Star Wars Lego set. I opened my gift on Christmas day to find the camera I have been yearning for for over two years – the Canon PowerShot G7X. I am absolutely floored. My man got me speechless, and if you know me in the real world, you’ll know that’s a hard thing to do. But, that’s just what he does. He shows me love everyday and in the big moments. What a gem

Oh and the camera? Incredible. I can’t get over both the picture and video quality. Safe to say, blog pictures and Reels over on Instagram are going to be levelling up. 

With the end of the month upon us, those have been my January favourites. Let me know in the comments, what have been some of your favourites in January 2023? 

Thanks for reading,
Rosie x

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