January Favourites 2022 | Books, Style, Home DIY, and More…

January Favourites 2022 | Books, Style, Home DIY, and More... | rosie abigail

By the time the last week of January rolls around, I am so ready for a new month to start. Surprise, surprise, 2022 is no different. January was just so loooong. Payday is ages away, expectations for a new year are always high, and the weather is bloody freezing. I was at least hoping for rain this month, but we didn’t even get that! Now, don’t get me wrong – there are glimmers of gems in January. It was my fiance’s birthday, I got to wear fluffy socks all the time, and I am a sucker for a hearty winter meal. But, the cold weather also makes me prone to asthma attacks which are not fun. Still – January is now behind us, February is here, so let’s look back at some of my favourites!

Style | Check dress from New Look

Working from home and being struck down with an asthma attack has thwarted my plans to be stylish once again. Yes, I know, “excuses, excuses”. But amongst the jogger bottoms and sports bra, I’ve found myself reaching for one piece of clothing when I want to feel a bit more human. This dress is from New Look and I picked it up in the sale just before Christmas. It’s giving milk-maid chic and winter edition picnic attire, and I’m not mad! It’s actually a dress from the Tall range so it hits my ankles as a maxi dress. All I’ve got to do is slip on a bra and leggings, pull the dress over my head, and pop on my pair of Chelsea Boots and BAM – I look put together (when in fact, I haven’t felt put together since February 2020…).

An image of a model wearing a black and white check gingham midi dress with puffy sleeves.

Books & Podcasts | The Missing Cryptoqueen and Grounded

Finally, finally, I am fully aboard the podcast hype train. I’m now fully up to date with Bad People, the true crime and psychology podcast by Sofie Hagan and Dr Julia Shaw, and find myself itching for Thursday’s new iteration to come around. Considering how much I adore Bad People, I thought I’d explore some other true crime podcasts on the BBC Sounds app. Enter The Missing Cryptoqueen. It’s a documentary podcast series that tracks the hunt for Doctor Ruja Ignatova who created One Coin; a digital currency meant to rival BitCoin that turned out to be a massive, worldwide scam. Jamie Barlett’s ever-so-British way of reporting, humour peppered in with the hard-hitting interviews, makes you feel just as much as ease as it makes you gasp out loud.

Continuing on the documentary front, I discovered millennial fan favourite Louis Theroux started a podcast back in the first lockdown (got to thank my mum for the recommendation!). Simply put, it’s called Grounded with Louis Theroux. I’m seven episodes in and I am already hooked. His guests are all interesting folks from across different fields, so he’s even got me listening to interviews about football! Grounded, like Bad People and The Missing Cryptoqueen can be found on BBC Sounds.

Home | Working on home office!

We’ve got mattresses in the hallway, buckets of wallpaper paste in the bathroom, and empty paint pots littering the stairs. That only means one thing – it’s DIY central, baby! When we first moved into our Victorian terrace in July, we decided to focus on making the house liveable and just popping in little hints of our own decor. But the first room we are fully renovating is the spare bedrooms-meets-home office. At the moment, we’ve stripped the wallpaper, got rid of the old carpet, re-wallpapered, painted everything, had a new carpet fitted, and, most excitingly, I’ve nearly finished painting a mural! Just a few days of hard work and elbow grease, and throwing a bit of our savings down, has made such a difference. It’s gone from a dark, musty, poorly kept bedroom, with mysterious sticky stains on the floor, to a light, bright, comfortable room that I can’t wait to set up my desk in. Next up, a trip to IKEA!

Wildcard | Facebook

This year, I am not hiding the fact that I’m putting more energy into my blog! I want to turn this and my writing into something more, and one way to do that is through generating engagement. Now, Facebook isn’t my social media of choice (I love you Instagram). In fact, I would say it is my least used. But boy oh boy is it a good business and engagement tool. So, to welcome in the new year, I set up a Facebook page for this blog, my writing, and creative work. Feel free to give it a like – I won’t just be linking blogs on there, I promise! Since setting it up, the engagement has been so good and real. I’ve tapped into an audience that I don’t reach with Instagram, Twitter, or Reels!

Mood Board | February

Now, I thought I’d add a new category here because I’ve found something I enjoy. Whether I’m planning decor, personal goals, or blog posts, I’ve found myself making little mood boards as I go. It started out as making Pinterest boards for inspiration but now, I’m making screensavers and phone screens of a palette or a mood. It reminds me of what I am trying to achieve, it reminds me of my goals. So I thought I would make a mood board for my monthly favourites! Not of what I’ve enjoyed the past month, but what I want for the next month – goals, vibes, colours, events, the lot. So, enjoy my mood board for February! 

A mood board of orange themed images.

Tell me, what were some of your favourite parts of January? I’d love to know! Spread that positivity in the comments, friends.

Rosie x

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3 responses to “January Favourites 2022 | Books, Style, Home DIY, and More…”

  1. Happy January, I’m sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well! I have to say that dress is so pretty! Even though I love dressing up, I definitely slack a lot during the winter months. My main wardrobe at the moment is hoodies, jeans, and boots/uggs. And you’re making super exciting moves with your facebook page! Wishing you all the luck xx

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    1. Thanks Melina! 😊 I feel ya on the winter-slacking front. There’s been a hint of spring in the air here, so I’ve thrown open my wardrobe and am determined to get back on that style train ✨

      Liked by 1 person

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