March 2021 Favourites | Skincare, Animal Crossing, Mid-Size Style

March 2021 Favourites | Skincare, Animal Crossing, Mid-Size Style

Big yikes – I have not written a favourite’s post since November 2020! All I’ll say is that my blogging routine is fully up in the air, thanks to working full-time in a pandemic. I do always enjoy writing these favourite posts as it’s a joy to look back on what made me happy this month so I’m excited to get back on this! Without further ado, let me delve on into what I have been loving this past month. 


Can we make some noise for this dress please? I feel it needs a big round of applause. I’m not one for just buying clothes if I like the look of them; I like a curated wardrobe and buying into fast fashion just isn’t my thing. Luckily for me, I realised I have very little clothes for spring weather; I’m either the depths of winter or the height of summer dresser. So, I popped on ASOS and bought a few items to fill out the spring wear section. I bought a pale pair of culottes, a smock dress, and a cropped cardigan, but the real favourite is this dress. I actually deleted it from my bag at one point as I thought it would be horrendous on, like a huge tartan tent. I was so, so wrong. I’ve been sauntering around my house, barefoot, feeling like an artist in the 1970s, swishing my skirt around me. When I pop on a belt, this dress instantly shows off my curves and makes me feel like I should be on stage with Fleetwood Mac. It’s comfy enough for home, office friendly enough for work, and just Rosie enough that I can add some style to my everyday life. Obsessed.


Okay, OKAY – I did it, I caved. I bought a Nintendo Switch. I’ve been saving non-stop for over a year now – all disposable income has been going into a savings account to help me save up for my wedding and for a deposit for a house. During that time, I have been so damn strict; I’ve only bought necessities, things that need replacing or renewing – I haven’t once bought something that was just for me, just for fun. But with the stress levels rising at work, and the knowledge that I won’t have any free time on my hands once we are working on a house, I took the plunge and bought myself a gift. I’ve only had the Switch for a week, and I only have one game, but it’s made me so happy! The game in question is, of course, Animal Crossing. I was a diehard Animal Crossing player back in the days of the DS and 3DS, and after watching my housemate play the Switch version, I knew it had to be the first game I got. It’s so nostalgic and relaxing, it doesn’t take any ounce of brainwork. It’s pure ~vibes~. I will, of course, be looking at getting some more Switch games, so let me know what your favourites are! I’ve currently got my eye on Breath of the Wild. 

Beauty & Skincare

I’m hitting you with two beauty and skincare favourites. First up, may I present Pixi’s Glow Tonic Toner. I imagine most of the YouTube generation will already be on this hype, but I was late to the party. I’ve mentioned this previously in my cruelty-free skincare post, but it’s honestly done wonders for my skin. It brightens, hydrates, and you can really feel it working as you put it on. I love it so much that I finished my travel bottle, and immediately ventured out to get the full size. Word of warning – as much as I love the tingly feeling it has on the skin, it may prove a bit strong for people with super sensitive skin!

My other favourite is actually make-up based; I know, who is she? I’ve been basically barefaced for this entire pandemic. However, I decided to take a look through my (very small) make-up kit and do a spring clean. Reader; the products were all so out of date, so out of date I was appalled I’d been putting them on my face. With the motto of ‘out with the old (and probably bacteria ridden) products, in with the new’, I allowed myself to be heavily influenced by content-creator-supreme Helen Anderson, and ordered bareMineral’s Loose Mineral Foundation. I am typically a tinted moisturiser girl at best, perhaps a foundation for the rare occasion of a night out, wedding, party, or funeral. However, I want this foundation on my face at all-times. In the container, the foundation is a powder form but it goes on the skin like a cream foundation – absolute sorcery if you ask me. Initially, I thought the colour match was too dark and the coverage too much for a low-maintenance girl like me. But once it was paired with my usual bronzer, highlight, powder, and brows, it looked amazing. No caking, no piling, just made my skin look like my skin, but better! I’ll still be an SPF and tinted moisturiser girl for my day to day life, but if I want to feel a little bit fancy, this has my back. 


A black covered book with blue text reads 'PERSEPOLIS'. To the left is an iced coffee, above are some green leaves.

Up next, we have what I’ve been loving in the world of books and literature! My favourite for this month has come in clutch, having only just picked it up yesterday. The book in question is Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi and it has been on my TBR for almost a year now. It’s so interesting to me as it’s a graphic novel that tells the story of living in Iran in the revolution, but balances it with the wit and discomfort of growing up in general. I’ve only picked up the book on a handful of occasions, as a restbite between stressful emails, but I can already tell I am going to adore it completely. 


She’s wearing make-up and doing fitness? Seriously – who am I? That’s right, my wildcard this week is fitness based; I’ve been loving yoga! It’s taken a while but I’ve finally gotten myself into a fitness routine of working out at least three times a week. Despite trying HIIT and weights and dance, I seem to come back to yoga as my workout of preference. I watch Yoga with Adriene on YouTube for my yoga practice, and she is honestly incredible. She is calming and down to earth, none of the ‘LA, find your chakraaaaaaa’ vibes. The key thing for me is that she often tells you how to do alternative moves if you can’t do certain aspects; this is wonderful as doing yoga with big kahunas is a difficulty, lemme tell you. I also tweeted about trying to do a 30 day Yoga with Adriene challenge, which she retweeted, and that led to being sent wonderful and supportive messages by the community. In all honesty, that’s really been spurring me on, just knowing there are so many people in the same position! I cannot wait to start her April calendar tomorrow.

Oh, and an additional wildcard for the Wildcard category; I got my first vacciiiiiine. Don’t you worry, I’ve already written all about that.

So, those were my March Favourites! Whilst it has been one of the busiest and stressful months I have experienced since the pandemic began (that’s working in Higher Education for you), there have been some wonderful moments in between. I’m so thankful I made the choice to keep writing this blog, and it’s meant I’ve been able to keep feeling creative, even in times of stress. Thanks for reading folks, and let me know what you’ve been loving in March!

Rosie x

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4 responses to “March 2021 Favourites | Skincare, Animal Crossing, Mid-Size Style”

  1. I love your dress, Rosie! I love its beautiful pattern and how you look so confident/ happy/ glowing in it 🙂

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    1. Ahh thank you so much! 😍 I genuinely feel like the best version of myself when I wear it.

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  2. The Storyteller Avatar
    The Storyteller

    Yay I missed your favourites posts!

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    1. AHHhHH Janet! Thank you friend ❤

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