Why I Love Being an Introvert (and You Should Too!) | rosie abigail

Does anyone else feel like this is a bit of an extrovert’s world? No shade at those 50% of people who are extroverts. I mean, look at the phrase ‘living life to the full’. That makes me think of people who ignore regrets, make friends everywhere they go, always having their communication brain and raring to go. I don’t know about you, but I find that exhausting

This ‘extrovert’s world’ was really shown to me at University. I felt like I had to put on a forced front if I wanted to achieve that stereotypical University experience. So I’d play the part of extrovert (thank you combined Drama degree, you have been useful), make friends, go to the events, and would curl up in my room at the end of the day exhausted. And then I’d go to class and do it all over again. It soon became pretty clear that this was not a sustainable way of living (for me at least), because I am, in fact, a big ol’ introvert. 

I constantly need to recharge my metaphorical batteries. After spending time with anyone, even my closest friends, I’ll need some time to decompress and just be alone with my thoughts. And that shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing! You can imagine it, the sad/nerdy/lonely/negative stereotype in your head – the girl who hides away in her room, turning down her friend’s invites to go out, in order to stay in. I can see movie executives twiddling their fingers, just thinking about how it sounds like the start of a coming of age film. Well, I have this to say – “no, thank you.” I have very fully come-of-age, I’ll have you know! Just because I choose to be on my own doesn’t mean I need changing or saving.

A book lay flat on a table, framed by a blue mug with tea diffuser in a shape of a hedgehog; two pens; a navy cloth; and monstera leaves.

After living in a world that celebrates the biggest of extroverts as the example of success, I know one thing for sure; I love being an introvert. Specifically, being an INFJ on the Myers-Brigg’s test (you should look it up, that test is interesting, if a little outdated). And, you know what? Everyone should have introverts as their friends, in their team, and up in leading the country! We’re heckin’ great, and let me tell you why. 

  • When an unprecedented worldwide pandemic hits, who can you count on? Introverts! Oh no, we have to work from home and only interact with the people who are closest to us? How awful.
  • We get to experience one of the greatest joys known to man – leaving a party early. Catch me having fun with my friends, filling my talking-to-others quota, grabbing my coat, and tipsily skipping home. Once my make-up is off, I’m ready to put on pajamas, have oven cooked chips, and watch Mindhunter on Netflix. 
  • Got a project that needs to be done quickly and successfully? Give it to an introvert. We’re good at getting our head down, headphones in, and getting results. That doesn’t mean we aren’t good leaders or public speakers – we just work in other ways too. 
  • Introverts make great friends. We are down to go out, stay in, do whatever it is other people want to do, as long as you know we will need some down time after. Perhaps the most important thing? Goodness, we are darn good listeners.
  • Finally, we are excellent at making blanket forts. Every introvert knows that the comfiest place you can possibly be is wrapped up in a blanket, fairy lights around you, with ten other blankets on hand. 

However much I adore being an introvert, I do have my moments – moments where I wish I could be a bit more extroverted. These moments tend to come when I see other people; other people being confident at parties, reaching for that job opportunity, posting on social media. Sometimes, I can do it; I can push that extroverted bit of myself. Sometimes, I can’t. And that’s fine, because I am an introvert, and we are excellent. Any extroverts out there, give your favourite introvert a shout (but wait until they are ready to respond, of course).

Any fellow introverts out there? Of course there are! Let me know what you think about the post, and drop me a comment saying what you love about being an introvert; we are a pretty excellent bunch, afterall. 

Rosie x

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3 thoughts on “Why I Love Being an Introvert (and You Should Too!) | rosie abigail

  1. This post made me laugh! I love being an introvert and I love building blanket forts! My husband is still in awe when I constantly burry myself under a fluffy blanket mountain 😂 you can only imagine what happens when winter arrives! Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva


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