July 2020 Favourites | Books, Skincare, Style, and more…

July 2020 Favourites

Seven months down, only five to go. Is anyone else struggling to grasp that concept? I know I am; I still think it’s March a lot of the time… Anyway, let’s not dwell on the fact over half of the year has passed by in a lockdown-induced blur – let’s focus on the good! And I have to say, my July has been filled with a lot of good…

Stack of books in the sun light

Books & Audiobooks

After a month long reading slump, I’ve slowly been making my way back into the world of books! I only finished one this month, but baby steps, eh? I listened to Samin Nosrat’s Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat on Audible, and devoured it (excuse the foodie based pun). This book is part autobiography, part cooking guide, and has really made an impact on how I cook. I love cooking, it’s my main hobby, so to gain more professional knowledge about cooking has been excellent. If you are just starting out cooking, it might be a little bit intimidating, but to anyone out there with the cooking bug, I seriously recommend it. 

Also on Audible, I started Hallie Rubenhold’s The Five: The Untold Lives of the Women Killed by Jack the Ripper, which has sucked me right in! I’ve only listened to the prologue and start of Chapter One, but I can’t wait to listen to more. In physical form, I’m still reading Girl, Woman, Other by Bernadine Evaristo. The book is split into sections, which makes it very easy to just put down and continue a bit later on. I know I’ll finish it this month, and am intrigued to find out the final stories and how they interlink with the other characters.

Beauty & Skincare

For me, lockdown has meant not leaving the house for anything other than grocery shopping, and the occasional socially distanced walk. That has meant absolutely zero make-up. I’m not a make-up heavy girl, and only really wear it lightly on normal days, and break out the eyeliner for social events. So with no normal days at all, my skin has been breathing well without make-up. I have added The Body Shop’s Factor 50 SPF Lotion to my morning routine, in case this pale woman does venture outside, but that’s the only new update I have!


I have been all about music this month. I think I’ve finally settled into working from home, and found what has worked for me. A large portion of that involves putting on music that I can just sing and vibe out to. The main culprits that have brought me musical joy have been the albums Plastic Beach by Gorillaz, Three Feet High and Rising by De La Soul, and Rumours by Fleetwood Mac.  


This July, I have been living in this dusty pink smock dress from ASOS. When I bought it, it clearly said oversized, so I envisioned cute shopping trips with my floaty, fun dress. I have discovered it is more than oversized; it swallows me like a tent. To some, that may not be ideal, but I am smitten. When I wear it, I don’t feel like a fancy-free, picnic-babe; I feel like a cute, sugary, human sized marshmallow. It’s now become my work-from-home uniform. I pair it with some anti-chub rub shorts, and an unlined bra, and I am good to go about my marshmallow ways. 

I’ve also been wearing something a little more stylish and less pink, and that’s this linen maxi dress, also from ASOS. Thank goodness I wore this dress and not the pink one when my Wildcard choice happened…


At the start of the month, I knew the Wildcard was going to be my birthday. We dog-sat for a week, ate homemade cake, and saw family members I hadn’t seen since Christmas, and just relaxed after a stressful few months. But then, I finally got diagnosed with what was causing me to be in so much pain. To some people, a new diagnosis isn’t good, but I was so relieved to actually have a diagnosis! So I was adamant it would be that. But then… I got engaged! After a spectacularly shit year, this was the light and joy I needed, and has probably taken my Wildcard choice of the year, let alone July. Thanks to Rory for putting a ring on it ❤

So, those were my July 2020 Favourites. Despite living in such uncertain times, this month was good; very good. And so, I go into August being a year older, dressed like a pink marshmallow, a few books heavier, a diagnosis gained, and a ring on my finger. I’m pretty darn happy about it all.

Let me know what your July favourites have been in the comments!

Rosie x

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2 responses to “July 2020 Favourites | Books, Skincare, Style, and more…”

  1. The Storyteller Avatar
    The Storyteller

    July was unbelievably dull for the most part, but I got through 9 (!!!) books which is unheard of for me 😂 I really want to read the Jack the Ripper book, I’ve heard so much about it!

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    1. Whaaaa, nine books?! You’re smashing that reading list! 🎉 I first heard about it from my grandmother who loooved it, and as she’s my number one source for book reviews, I just had to download it.

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