April 2020 Favourites | Style, Audiobooks, & more!

May 2020 Favourites | Style, Audiobooks, & more!

Just like that, another month of lockdown passes. I swear this month lasted about a week. Or all my weeks blurring into one?… Anyway, all I know is that May is nearly over and June is almost here. I’ve been struggling to adjust to the abnormal level of heat we’ve been having (thanks global warming), so it’s been a grumpy, sweaty, and sleepless month (I know, I paint myself in such a beautiful light). Despite the heat and lockdown, I’ve accumulated quite a few favourites, so let’s get into them!

Books & Audiobooks

Compared to April, where I delved into books like nobody’s business, May was a complete reading let down. I started Quiet by Susan Cain, which seems good so far, but I am only one chapter in. The only other book I’ve made headway in has been the audiobook version of Samin Nosrat’s cooking guide Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. I’ve always loved cooking, but since lockdown began, it’s really turned into my main hobby. I’ve been attempting new recipes and trying to learn new skills via YouTube videos; y’all should see my knife skills (and shredded finger tips) now! This book is the perfect accompaniment to my newly developed passion. It’s already got me buying two different types of salt for my kitchen and I’m not even halfway through! Samin has such a gentle and relaxing voice, but you can really hear her passion for food and cooking coming through. 


As per usual, I cannot escape the midi skirt. I think it may have become a permanent part of my personality. This month, I’ve been loving two midi style items. The first is a teal, pleated midi skirt from ASOS, that I bought a few months ago. I originally bought it as a going out piece, but on one hot day of lockdown, I decided I don’t want to feel sweaty and low maintenance no more (well, at least for a day). So I grabbed the skirt, paired it with a vintage shirt, and made my housemate take photos of me. Since then, I’ve decided it’s going to make its way into my everyday wardrobe too; it’s too good of a mix and match piece not to!
The other midi style item I actually fell for on Instagram; I never fall for Insta advertising so well done to you, New Look. Again, I bought this dress as a going out piece (I really don’t have anything for date nights, I wear the same damn green skirt everytime). When I tried it on, it immediately made me feel like some vintage goddess. My house and I decided to have a lockdown cheese and wine night, and get dressed up to the nines, so I chose this dress! Not only was it gooorgeous, it was also incredibly comfy as my belly bloated and reminded me how lactose-intolerant I am. Both were great purchases that I’m so excited to get a lot of wear out. 

Beauty & Skincare

Lockdown has meant that I’ve been nailing my skincare routine every darn day, so that’s a big plus. However, my favourite skin care related thing this month has got to be sunscreen. I’ve been loving it more for the scent than anything else, because I’m barely leaving the house these days (top tip: you should always wear sunscreen when you leave the house, even on a gloomy day).  The smell always makes me think of holidays, and really brings back memories of my most recent trip to Florida. It’s just delicious. Also, big up to The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream for helping soothe the huge dark circles I’ve been getting thanks to sleeping in a sauna (biiiiig bedroom in the top of the house cons).


Boy oh boy, have I been feeling like first-year-of-university Rosie with the favourites in this category. I’ve turned back to YouTube for my entertainment this month, and I’ve especially been enjoying my OG ladies of YouTube, Helen Anderson and Jenn Im. In a rather tricky and dark time, their content has been light and bright, and just really relaxing to watch. I love their personal styles and I love their honesty too. Plus, they have cuuuute dogs, so what’s not to love?!

Wild Card

Finally, we have my wild card! Last month’s fave was my houseplants and this month’s is kind of more of the same; specifically my herbs and my lemon tree. I bought a kitchen herb growing kit from Amazon and started growing it when lockdown kicked off. Now, I have six small pots of herbs growing in my kitchen, and more in a planter in my garden! The actual herb parts of the plants are growing now, so it’s quite exciting to see them come through. In a similar vein, I’m loving looking after my lemon tree as I can see the little lemons coming through! We won’t have full lemons appearing until about September but it’s always a joy to see the little ones starting to crop up. 

So, those have been my May 2020 favourites! Whilst nothing really remarkable happened this month, I like to see that as a good thing. I’m healthy, so are my friends and family, and that’s all I can ask for. Let me know what your favourites have been in the comments!

Rosie x

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3 thoughts on “May 2020 Favourites | Style, Audiobooks, & more!

  1. Love this post! I’ve really gotten into cooking lately, too. Food is my comfort blanket lol. I cannot wait to have a little herb garden of my own one day, and a lemon tree!! Yours is too cute. 🙂

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