April 2020 Favourites | Books, Style, Houseplants, and more!

Four days into May and I’m only just talking about my April favourites! I’m sorry it’s taken longer than usual but I’m going to be honest with you; my anxiety has been here. I’ve been struggling to focus, been lacking creativity, and generally have just felt like I have a bee buzzing around my belly, chest and head. Still, a weekend of being wrapped in blankets and playing Red Dead Redemption II has proved to be the perfect level of self-care, and I’m feeling much more myself (despite the bee that is still buzzing around my body). And with that comes the ability to get writing, so let’s go through my April 2020 Favourites!

Books & Audiobooks

This month has been a hit for books! After starting the year barely finishing one a month, April has come and started to devour my reading list (I think that’s mostly down to lockdown). Two books really stood out for me this month; one physical, and one audiobook. The first is Educated by Tara Westover and is her memoir about growing up in a Mormon, ‘end-of-the-world’ survivalist family. It’s the kind of thrilling and unbelievable that only real life could be, and really shows the power of good education. The second is Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng, which I listened to on Audible. It was an impulse buy, after seeing a lot of people talking about it on Twitter, so I went in it pretty much blind. Despite being a fiction novel, it has some of the most realistic characters I have ever encountered. The synopsis is simple; two families get caught up in each other’s lives when their children become friends. But it’s so much more gripping than that. 


After months of Instagram ads and features in YouTuber hauls, I finally succumbed and bought items from Joanie! As a gal who loves some vintage-inspired, retro-esque fashion, it was inevitable. I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed. I ordered the Buzz tee (from the sale) and the Barbara Polka Dot Dress (full price). They are both great quality, and the dress even has pockets! My favourite thing, however, is how suited they are to a mid-size body. I’m a curvy girl, with big ol’ boobs, butt, and hips, so struggle to find clothes that fit correctly in shops that cater for straight-size people (I’m looking at you Primark and Topshop, with your baggy waists and gaping blouses). But these fit beauuuutifully. The tee fits how a good tee should, with space to move, and the dress cinches the waist and buttons up without revealing the girls to all the world. When I next need some office wear or smart clothes, I know exactly where I’m looking. 

Beauty & Skincare

Yes, I am aware this is kind of cheating as this item is neither beauty or skincare. Still, it fits this category best. I’m talking about Neal’s Yard Foaming Bath! My mum has some of the Neal’s Yard range at my family home, so whenever I make the trip to South Wales, she lets me pamper myself with them. The bath oils and foaming oils really make me think of home, so as I haven’t been able to go to my family home for five months, I decided to order some for myself! Whenever I get a bit stressed or overwhelmed (which is everyday at this rate), I run myself a bath full of familiar and relaxing scents. 


I could talk about the hours I’ve spent on Disney+ or Netflix, but I want to tell you all about what I’ve been religiously watching each evening on Youtube – Bon Appetit. That’s right, the posh food mag has a Youtube channel and it’s brilliant! There’s everything on there from food battles, basic kitchen skills, gastronomy, and more. I’ve watched all the episodes of ‘Gourmet Makes with Clare Saffitz’ (and yes, #IWDFCFTBATK), and I’ve moved on to ‘It’s Alive! With Brad Leone’. If you have any interest in cooking, want to learn something new, or just want to be remotely entertained, check them out. 


Finally, we have the wildcard. I’ve surrounded myself with books and blankets and candles and loose leaf tea all month, which have all been fantastic, but my favourite wildcard aspect of the month goes to my houseplants. I’ve turned into a full grown plant mum in lockdown. My aloe and ivy sit on my desk, and I’ve bought a herb germination kit so I can grow fresh herbs in my kitchen. I also placed a hefty order on Patch for more houseplants, so I’m kind of obsessed. Patch have also sent me a referral link, where if you order more than £50 on Patch, you’ll get a free plant! Just follow the link here or use my name ‘Rosie Lewis’.

And with that, April is done and dusted, and May is here. I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping for a little more rain this month; I’m a sucker for a cuppa in the house whilst the rain hits the window! Let me know what your monthly favourites were in the comments below and I’ll be back soon.

Rosie x

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