March 2020 Favourites | Books, Style, Skin-Care, and more!

Oh it’s felt like a loooong month. At the beginning of the month, I was getting back to normal life again after being stuck at home with an illness, and I’ve ended the month being stuck back at home thanks to the coronavirus (I don’t have it, I’m just listening to the government and staying at home)! Still, I am lucky enough to be able to work from home in these troubled times, which means I can keep my asthmatic self and other high risk folks safe, and am immensely grateful for that. With getting used to self-isolation life, I’ve picked up a lot of good faves, so let’s delve into my March Favourites!

Books & Audiobooks | Good Omens and Daisy Jones & The Six

First up, we have books! In all honesty, I have been struggling to read this month, and that’s odd for me. I’m normally a little book worm but my focus has totally vanished. My brain is constantly whirring with worry and my anxiety doesn’t want me to do anything that isn’t productive. So, I am still reading my favourite book from February, and that’s Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. You can read more on what I think about the book so far here, but I am really enjoying how the chapters are in bite sized chunks and how easy it is to simply put down and pick up. 

Although I’ve been struggling to physically read, I’ve had one audiobook on non-stop, and that’s Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid. Very much inspired by Fleetwood Mac, it tells a story of a seventies rock band and their rise to fame. It’s told via a documentary style which is such an original concept for a fiction book. I would thoroughly recommend giving this book a download, as the voice acting is fab and adds another layer to the story telling. 

Entertainment | Disney+

I bought Disney+. Of course I did. That was the only certain of March. So far, I’ve re-watched Coco (which is a personal favourite) and watched the live action version of Lady & The Tramp which was just precious. Catch me watching Episodes IV, V, and VI of Star Wars for the rest of the weekend, and wistfully wishing that I was back in Galaxy’s Edge. 

Style | Midi skirt

I won’t lie, I’ve mainly been living in a uniform of leggings, sports bras, and oversized tee shirts. But, if I’ve been feeling like I need to boost my moral (or I’ve got a Zoom meeting and need to look presentable), I’ve been wearing a white tee and a relatively new purchase; this midi skirt from ASOS (sorry for the lack of photo on me or against the rainbow bookshelf – I’ve just been lazy here). It’s a light cotton material, and makes me want to float around like I am Stevie Nicks. And most importantly, it has pockets! Pockets big enough to hold a book in, for that matter (and isn’t that all that matters?).

Wildcard | Oil Diffuser!

This was definitely an unnecessary buy, but I really love it – it’s a little oil diffuser (this one to be exact)! I simply fill it with water, add a few drops of essential oil, and let the mist and scent fill my room. I’m a sucker for scents and background noise when I’m working, so I love a good crackley candle. However, I find some candles can sometimes get a little overpowering in scent and for my asthma, so I ordered this off Amazon! It makes small bubbling noises which are so soothing to have in the background, sifts through various colours, and has multiple time settings. I love being able to drop in as much or as little oil as I like to really control the scent. I’m currently loving lavender before bed (of course), lemongrass for when I am working, and eucalyptus for just making my room smell lovely. 

Beauty & Skin Care | The Body Shop Bi-Phase Essence Lotion

Yeah, I’ve worn absolutely zero make-up. I wear minimal make-up anyway, and my life right now really doesn’t call for it. Skin-care on the other hand? I’ve been ridin’ that wave aaaaall month long. I’ve been doing my usual lazy girl’s skin-care routine but I’ve added this glorious product – The Body Shop’s Bi-Phase Essence Lotion. I always thought essences were unnecessary and boujee (well, they are boujee) but this really makes my skin feel soft and moisturised. Isn’t that all we really want from skin care? I’ve also turned to actually using face masks instead of just hoarding them! So, a good month for skin care, and not really for anything else…

So, those have been my March favourites for 2020! I know April is going to be another month of staying safe at home, which means more time for doing things I’ve put off for months; mainly cleaning, reading, and getting my life in order. Let me know what you have been loving this month and what you’ve got planned for self-isolating in April!

Rosie x

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