What I Bought – Vintage Kilo Sale!

Last Sunday, I spent my time being a peak millennial; your gal went thrifting! The Vintage Kilo Sale pops into my home city of Winchester every few months, and now I make it my mission to attend. I love vintage fashion, whether that be 60s A-line skirts, or gaudy 90s shirts, and this sale is always full of them. Plus, I’m cutting down on my fast fashion intake so buying second-hand is the way to go for ‘new’ clothes.

At this event, you get given a plastic bag upon entry and fill it up with whatever you want from the racks. Then the bag gets weighed, and the price is determined by the weight of the bag. It’s £15 per kilo, and heavier items such as coats are maxed out at £15! I managed to get a bag full of clothes for under £26, and some accessories on top. Let me show you what I picked up….

First up, we have these two garish and amazing oversized shirts. They are your stereotypical short sleeved, button down men’s style shirts, and I picked them up in L/XL; I’m planning some cropping and DIY-ing for these!

I’m getting full Brat Pack meets bowling alley vibes from both of them and I am not mad at all. The white shirt with jazzy red and blue shapes is typically more of my style; red and blue just seem to suit me well, and as vintage shirts go, it’s not the most out there or tricky to style. I am a little more nervous about wearing the yellow and white one, purely because I don’t have much yellow in circulation; some yellows simply do not work for me and make me look like a sickly Victorian child. Still, I’m interested to see what I can do with it. 

I plan on pairing these with mom jeans (because wow, no-one has ever done that before) or some of my bright midi skirts to really look like a junior school art teacher.

The next two items were both wildcard purchases, and are dresses! The white one has short sleeves, hits around knee length and is pretty structured, and the black one is full maxi sleeves and skirt, with some slits at the bottom. In looking at them, they don’t really seem that much of a wildcard; neutral colours, nice looking fits, what’s wild about that? Well, I’ll tell you why; they are not what I’d usually wear at all.

The fit of the white dress is what drew me to it; I love anything that looks like it accommodates curvy hips. The thing I am concerned about is the colour. I am as clumsy as a sleepy toddler, and am guaranteed to drop food down me at some point in the day, so I tend to stay away from white. However, it’s time I started acting like a grown-ass woman, so I’m beginning that with adding some white to my wardrobe. In regards to the second dress, I’m a lover of midi skirts, and always worry that anything longer will just swallow me up and look like I’m playing dress up. Still, I couldn’t miss out on purchasing this spotty black number, so I’m going to give it a go! I might take out the shoulder pads though…

I plan on styling these out with a thick belt around my waist, and some chunky boots for good measure. 

Now it’s time for accessories. First up, the practical side of me picked up this durable looking belt. Look, I tend to get that weird lower-back-gaping-situation with jeans thanks to having an hourglass shape and shops being terrible with understanding the different shapes of human bodies, so I need a good belt to help me out. Enter this bad boy.

As well as housing rows upon rows of vintage and second-hand clothing, The Vintage Kilo Sale also sells new earrings and pins, so I had to pick up a few! The first pair of earrings are multi-colour hoops on a dark background. Despite trying to change it, I always wear darker colours, so this will help lift some colour into my outfits. The second pair are just so bright and wonderful, I couldn’t leave them behind. Lemons! That’s it, that’s why I bought them. They are dangly, bright, and citrus based – that’s all I want from my jewellery. Finally, I have this comic book pin. I’m a literature lover in any form that it comes in, and a fully rounded big ol’ nerd, so in my bag it went.

Those are my purchases from the VIntage Kilo Sale at Winchester Guildhall! I think these events are so wonderful – it’s relatively easy on your bank account compared to high street shopping, and you are being an eco-friendly shopper. What’s not to love? Now I’ve got the thrifting bug, I’m really interested in hitting more charity and vintage shops when I next need to buy clothes.

Let me know what you think of second-hand shopping, and what’s been your best vintage find!

Rosie x

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