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As a British gal, when I hear the phrase November, I instantly think of cold weather. Even when I booked a trip to Florida for November 2019, I assumed the weather would be Spring-esque at a push; perfect for jeans, a light jumper, maybe a midi skirt on some sunny days. Boy, was I wrong (and happily so!). Temperatures during our trip reached 30 degrees Celsius, with a glorious daily average of 27 degrees; British summers normally average 19 degrees, so I was pumped!
Luckily (being the avid planner that I am), I shoved the previous assumptions aside, did my research, and built up a little wardrobe of clothes to take with me. When picking the outfits I wanted to take on my trip, they had to fit a few criteria. Firstly, walking around Disney World in that heat, comfort was the number one priority. I didn’t want anything that would be too restrictive or would get uncomfortable after a time; bye-bye pencil skirts, hello culottes! Secondly, these clothes had to be versatile. I wanted tees that I could mix and match, and skirts that I could wear as smart or casual (and clothes that could be worn again and again; I’m not here for fast fashion). Taking a mix and match wardrobe meant I’d reduce the weight of my suitcase, meaning I could bring home all the American snacks and over-priced Disney merch. Finally, I wanted clothes that made me feel good! This holiday would be etched in my memory (and Instagram) forever, so I wanted to be able to look back on the photos and smile.
With that in mind, let me tell you what I wore on my trip to Florida!

First up, I give you my most worn outfit of the entire trip; this gorgeous red tea dress from ASOS!

Not only was the fabric loose and light enough to withstand the heat, the fit and flare of the dress cut an ever so flattering figure. I initially chose this to wear on our first full day at Magic Kingdom; it was so bright and floral, it seemed to suit the vibe! As this dress was rather on the short side, I wore it with lace cycle shorts underneath. Not only did this keep my dignity whilst on the rides, it totally eliminated the chub rub that comes with chunky thighs and Florida weather.

After vibing the red tea dress hard, I turned to ASOS again for more summer and vacation friendly dresses, and came across this beauty.

This black swing dress with a floral print was perfect for the heat (and I’m currently wearing it now, with thick leggings and a turtleneck in chilly old Britain!). The low V-neck meant it could act as a kind of pinafore, as well a swing dress; I loved pairing it with a white tee for a simple outfit, or with this starry mesh top for a more edgy vibe (if you can have a more edgy vibe at Disney World, that is…)

Not one just to wear dresses, here’s the outfit I had saved for my first ever trip to Galaxy’s Edge; the Star Wars themed land in Hollywood Studios!

I paired my Tate Modern Lichtenstein rocket print tee with a pair of distressed-effect black denim shorts in a mom jean fit. I teamed this look with a red Western style belt from ASOS and a red lip, and damn, I felt amazing. The top was loose, the shorts fit well; what more could I want? Just to be on the safe side, I popped those lacy cycle shorts under the denim shorts to ensure I was comfortable all day. To be honest, the little bit of lace popping out the bottom added to the look! (In case any of you are wondering why I saved that outfit for my first trip to Galaxy’s Edge, the top has rockets on it; that’s literally it…)

Up next, I have my absolute daytime-to-night-time piece; this emerald green midi skirt (I bought it from Primark years ago, and it’s lasted so well!).

In the day, I wore this with a black vest top and my trusty black FILA trainers. This was actually the outfit I wore during our Drinking Around the World EPCOT Challenge, because it was so easy and breezy (aaand you can read about that challenge here). However, it only took a few little changes to make it a gorgeous, evening outfit. We designated one evening for a posh dinner, which we had at the Coral Reef Restaurant in EPCOT, and I simply swapped out the trainers for white heeled sandals, and my vest for an off the shoulder top. I sauntered through the park on the way to the restaurant, feeling like a darn princess.

After the midi-skirt, comes the midi-dress; namely this checkered number by New Look.

I first saw this dress on Instagram, worn by the wonderful Carrie Hope Fletcher; the picture was even taken at Disney World! I’m normally not one to buy things worn by influencers or YouTubers, but seeing this dress on a body type similar to my own and it looking poppin’? Well, in the basket it went. This dress was lovely and light, and gives off milk maid meets millennial vibes, which I am not mad about. It was great for strolling around Disney Springs, or lapping up the sun, but not so much if you are rushing around or riding coasters; there’s not a lot of support for the upper area, shall we say.

Alongside those outfits, I took a few trusty staples with me that I knew would keep me comfortable and cool. Pastel green culottes, a striped vest, spare fabric shorts, and a variety of other mix and match items that fit my criteria.

As for shoes? I lived in my FILA trainers. When you’re on your feet for over twelve hours, you’ve got to have that support. To make my outfit a little smarter (and give my trainers a break), I had a pair of trusty black flats for shorter days or meals out. With my main footwear sorted, I took flip flops for the hotel, sandals for the pool, and heels for the occasional fancy dinner we had arranged.

So, that’s what I wore for my trip to Florida! I hope some of you other plan-ahead-ers would have found this useful. Remember, choose clothes that are comfortable, versatile, and make you feel daaaaamn good. After all, you’ll look back on your holiday memories for years to come!
Rosie x

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