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(I’ve just realised this title makes it sound like I will be discussing emo and indie inspired Halloween plans, which I am unfortunately not – although, I think I am on to something here…). Anyway –

It’s spooky time! Time for pumpkin carving, Beetlejuice, mulled cider, and a heck tonne of sweets. It’s also when nastiness comes creeping through the cracks; like cultural appropriation, disregard of mental illness, and using a ‘celebration’ as an excuse for shitty behaviour. Mmmm, sounds great. I love a good house party and a once in a blue moon night out, but there’s something about Halloween parties that unnerve me, and not in a ghostly way. So, I’ve turned to doing other things on October 31st! 

For the introverts, for the money conscious, for the anxious, for the night-out pouters, for the tee-total, for the Halloween-haters, and for anyone who has no idea what they are doing; I’ve got some Alternative Halloween plans for you!

Two carved orange pumpkins
Bekir Donmez on Unsplash

A house party with a costume twist.

02/10 on the Introvert Scale. 

I don’t mean a house party where a hundred people rock up to your house dressed as Native Americans, hospital patients, or dead people. No-no. Simply invite your friends around for the 31st, and get decorating. But, on October 30th, send each person a character or a theme they have to dress up as, with the rules that they cannot spend more than £10 on their costume, and points will be given for the most creativity. Everyone loves a competition, especially with a time constraint, and everyone will look ridiculous in the best way possible. Expect mummies made from toilet roll, re-purposed prom dresses, and terrible face paint. Then, you do what you want to do! Drinking games; yes! Halloween playlist; YES! Apple bobbing; double YES! Not only do you get to spend time with friends, you have control over the environment and can eliminate barriers that may stop people having a good time, like monetary issues or crowd anxiety. 

Down with house parties, up with film nights.

04/10 on the Introvert Scale. 

Although Netflix may be pouring out some cracking Christmas films at the moment, Halloween is the only event that reigns supreme in the film world. Horror films have become synonymous with October 31st, which means you’ll have plenty to choose from for a film night. Why don’t you choose a franchise or director and make a drinking game?! Note down all the tropes, and drink when they happen; easy. Examples of tropes you could use include – the Final Girl screams in the Scream franchise; a celebrity in disguise pops up in The Cornetto Trilogy; Jack says ‘what’s this?’ in The Nightmare Before Christmas. You can tailor the films to everyone’s preferences, and even make it into a non-alcoholic game for those who don’t want to drink.

Hate Halloween, love baking.

07/10 on the Introvert Scale. 

Get baking! Either get a handful of friends round, or look after your solo self and make some sweet treats. Not just any sweet treats, you’ve got to stick with a theme! Autumn has such a wide variety of spices and flavours associated with it, although cinnamon and pumpkin spice are the most popular. Make some spice infused cookies, pumpkin pie, or even add a bit of Halloween spirit by making spider cupcakes or chocolate fingers. Want a higher spook-level? Carve a pumpkin! Then, you can use the insides for cooking. Plus, you get to eat tasty treats the next day, and that’s much better than having a hangover on a work day.  

Leave. Me. Alone.

10/10 on the Introvert Scale!

Hot drink made. Lights off downstairs (to convince trick-or-treaters no-one is in). Big bowl of sweets for myself. Fairy lights on. Duvet, pillows, blankets, and a hot water bottle, all assembled. Now, leave me alone; I want to read Frankenstein in peace, maybe have a bath, and certainly have an early night. 

Black and orange macarons with bat confetti
Damien Creatz on Unsplash

In all honesty, I think I will be adopting the ‘leave me alone’ approach for Halloween, with maybe a smattering of carving a pumpkin. That sounds like the perfect night to me. Let me know what you are up to for Halloween in the comments below, and if you have any alternative plans; I’d love to know them!

Rosie x

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  1. The Storyteller Avatar
    The Storyteller

    Oh man, drinking everytime Jack Skellington says “what’s this?” That’s a recipe for disaster! Love these ideas though!

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