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At the time of writing this, I have less than three months to go until my trip to Walt Disney World! To some people, that may seem a lifetime away, but to an absolutely obsessed planner, it’s not that long at all. Our dinner reservations are booked, FastPass lists have been made for the start of September, and I’m slowly accumulating travel bottles and ponchos. 

Obviously, I want to experience the parks to the max; going on the rides, seeing characters, watching the shows and parades. But, I am going at a rather unique time in my life; I’m going as a young woman with my boyfriend, we have no kids and no restraints, and will be having purely nostalgic and grown up fun at the happiest place on Earth! I am very aware that I am a childless millennial with a love of denim shorts, and my trip and this bucket list will definitely anger this mother, but I honestly don’t care. This is a once in a pre-children life-time trip, so I’m going to be making the most of it. And with that, here is My Grown-Up Disney World Bucket List!

Eat and Drink Around the World

From all of the research online (and trust me, I’ve done a lot), this is one of the most popular things done by young people with no kids at WDW (Walt Disney World). It’s simple; you visit each country at EPCOT’s World Showcase, and grab a snack or an alcoholic drink at each country. Essentially, it’s a bar crawl across 12 countries! As my partner and I don’t fancy feeling wavy on the bus back to our hotel, and don’t want a disgusting hangover in the Florida heat, we’ll be sharing a drink at each location. I’m most excited about margaritas in Mexico, shave ice from Japan, and seeing what America thinks British delicacies are! (I know they have snakebite on the menu, and honestly, that’s not a delicacy; that’s a drink for poor students waiting on their loans to come in).

Eat all the snacks

I’m a foodie, and that not gonna stop at WDW. If you head to the #disneyworld tag on Instagram, you’ll see why. Disney seems to do snacks like no other place on this planet. They are big, bold, themed, and (mostly) allergen friendly. As a woman with a life-threatening nut and peanut allergy, this gives me so much joy! Top of the snack list sits funnel cake. I visited WDW when I was much younger, and this was the snack we turned to every time. It’s sugary, shareable, and I hope it lives up to my positive memories. I’m also keen to try the Mickey pretzel (a salty pretzel the size of your face), Dole Whip (a non-dairy, pineapple flavoured soft-serve that my lactose intolerance will love), and the Night Blossom drink (a sugary slushy from Animal Kingdom, which features Boba balls).

Eat more than just fast food

Obviously, I’m going to submit myself to hamburgers, chicken nuggets, and hot dogs; I won’t be able to escape them. However, WDW offers some really interesting dining opportunities, so we are going to make the most of them. We’ve made the bulk of our dining reservations already; you honestly have to make them as early as you can, or you’ll miss out. Here’s a little run down of the reservations we’ve already got! We are headed to the Plaza Restaurant in Magic Kingdom for breakfast on our first day; it means we can get into the park a little earlier as we’ll be up anyway with jet lag, and don’t have to worry about rushing around. Next up, we have our fanciest dinner at Coral Reef in EPCOT, which is a restaurant that is in an aquarium! Then we have a reservation at Sci-Fi Diner at Hollywood Studios. This one was the first one I booked, as I was charmed by the idea of eating in classic cars and watching B movies. Finally, we’ve booked Oga’s Cantina at Galaxy’s Edge, once again in Hollywood Studios. Although we won’t be eating there, as it’s more of a bar, we just had to get a reservation as my partner and I are such big Star Wars fans!

Galaxy’s Edge

Speaking of Galaxy’s Edge, we are SO DARN EXCITED to be seeing it. When we booked the holiday, we had no clue when Galaxy’s Edge would be open; we just wanted to go to WDW! Lo and behold, it will have been open for two months by the time we get there. One of the things I am most excited for (apart from the whole darn land), is the detailing. I am ready to be immersed in the planet of Batuu!

Date nights at Disney Springs

I know WDW is a hotspot for young families to head to and to make lifelong lasting memories. But, they also cater really well to the young adult age range. They have a spectacular array of nightlife over at Disney Springs, so we aim to have a date night over there. The current plan is to dress up all fancy, have some delicious food, and then do some bar hopping. The ones we are most excited about are The Edison, for the range of drinks and excellent 1920s theming, and Jellyrolls. My partner and I are both musicians, so are suckers for anything with a music gimmick, and Jellyrolls is just that. It’s a piano bar with two pianists who duel it out, make the audience laugh, and take requests. What more could we want?

Of course, I do have a few items on this list that aren’t really related to being a grown up in WDW. I want to go for a morning safari at Kilimanjaro Safaris at Animal Kingdom, as that’s when the animals are most likely to be out. I want to ride the three Mountains in Magic Kingdom. I want to have my photo taken at the Tangled lights. I want to see all of the fireworks shows. I just want to make the most of my time in the little bubble that is Disney World. 

These pictures are from a trip I took to Disneyland Paris two years ago!

So, that’s My Grown-Up Disney World Bucket List! Once we’ve been, I’ll be doing a post all about actually doing the bucket list, if the items lived up to expectations, and I’ll be sure to include photos and run downs of what happened. 

I know there’s quite a few WDW fans out there – what is on your grown-up bucket list for your time at WDW?

Rosie x

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