Our Folky, DIY-Heavy, Scottish-Welsh Wedding | rosie abigail

Our Folky, DIY-Heavy, Scottish-Welsh Wedding | rosie abigail

Blimey, it’s been over three months since I got married and I’ve shared barely anything about it over here! Life gets in the way as it often does and it has in this case. But now, with wedding photos ready and nostalgia for the best day of my life spilling over, it’s time. Let’s delve…

Earthian Zero Waste Shop | Hampshire Hotspots | rosie abigail

Earthian Zero Waste Shop | Hampshire Hotspots | rosie abigail

This post was first seen under the title 'The Power of the Swap' in Details Magazine x Winchester Fashion Week Issue. I thought this post would be the perfect start to my new series on some of my favourite (or important) places in Hampshire, so let's start with Earthian! If you are a Wintonian, you’ll…

Renovating My ~Dream~ Boho Office | DIY & Renovation | rosie abigail

Renovating My ~Dream~ Boho Office | DIY & Renovation | rosie abigail

It’s transformation central here, folks! Back in the summer of 2021, my fiancé and I bought a filthy, unloved, terraced Victorian house that smelt of smoke, weed, and cat pee. I’m very aware that on paper that does not sound like an appealing buy. But we managed to look past the flea infested carpets at…

Six Big Ideas for a Sustainable Wedding | 2022 Wedding | Rosie Abigail

Six Big Ideas for a Sustainable Wedding | 2022 Wedding | Rosie Abigail

Folks, it is officially less than six months until I get married! That’s wild! It feels just like yesterday that Rory, my fiancé, surprised me with a ring and I screamed the house down with “What? Yes, OH MY GOD YES!”. Actually, it only feels like last year that I got butterflies in my stomach…


Plant Parenting 101: Best Plants for Beginners

Well, it seems everyone and their cousin has become houseplant obsessed during the pandemic. You know I have. What started as a fun little hobby to share with my housemate in the middle of a global lockdown has now turned into at least 72% of my personality, and I have no regrets. I am now…

Five Things You Can Do to Live More Sustainably! | Blue sky, green plants growing out of a building

Five Things You Can Do To Live More Sustainably! | rosie abigail

Clean living. Green life. Sustainability. Did I get all the buzzwords in there? Sustainable living is a hot topic right now, as it should be, as we’ve only got one planet and it’s not looking very good at the moment (*gulps nervously*). Over the past few years, we’ve seen a change in the discourse and dynamic of what it is to live sustainability and why it’s important. Plus, it’s become quite the passion of mine (says every millennial ever). I’ve made it my goal to be as sustainable as I can be in my personal life, so I thought I’d share the five things I’ve found to be the most important. 

Photo by Sabina Sturzu on Unsplash

Best Books to Give as Gifts for *Everyone* in Your Life | Books and Giftgiving

If you know me, I am one bookish girl, and I think there’s no greater gift than giving someone a book you think they’ll enjoy. So with Christmas coming up and buying gifts online being the safest bet, I thought I’d make a kind of gift-giving-guide for books! I’ve (loosely) taken the five types of people you are bound to have in your life, and racked my brain to work out what books would be great gifts for them.

Five Small But Sustainable Changes You Can Make | rosie abigail

Five Small But Sustainable Changes You Can Make | rosie abigail

I’m gonna come straight out and say it - if you aren’t making some sustainable changes to your life, what the heck are you doing? I’m not on about turning your life upside down, living in a vegan tree-house in the forest, and turning your toilet into a compost pile. I mean, smaller, more realistic…

Starting University? My Study Kit! | rosie abigail

By the time this blog post has gone up, A-Level Results day would have been and gone, and hundreds of thousands of people will be beginning their ‘oh my gosh, I’m going to university!’ panic. I remember that nervousness-meets-excitement very well, even though I experienced it five years ago, and graduated two years ago! (Oh,…