Little Ways I Am Taking Care of Myself in Lockdown | Lifestyle and Wellbeing

Little Ways I Am Looking After Myself in Lockdown | Lifestyle and Wellbeing

As I am writing out this introduction, I am in a big slump. Big brain slump, big life slump, big everything slump. Little, nasty, biting thoughts keep flapping around my head, and the lockdown blues have really settled in. Full on grey, sludgey, meh vibes. I want to see my friends. I’m aching to see […]

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Staying Positive in Lockdown 2: Electric Boogaloo | Self-Care

Anyone else feeling like they are in an Orwell novel or a Black Mirror episode right about now? I know I am. Worldwide disease, countries on lockdowns, global leaders behaving like toddlers; I didn’t expect this when I wrote my New Year’s Resolutions. As of Thursday 5th November, England (where I live) has gone into […]

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Let’s Get Re-Introduced! (aka my blog is on the first page of Google?!)

Let’s Get Re-Introduced! (and how I became the first search on Google...)

Wow. Something really darn cool happened to me today, and I still can’t wrap my head around it. Let me fill you in on a little storytime.  Like most people on the planet, living and working whilst in a pandemic has been a struggle. The world seems to be falling apart, my anxiety is all […]

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You Should Take a Mental Health Day | rosie abigail

This is for the people who have burn out, or have mental health conditions, or are stressed, or who live and breath and sleep and exist, or everyone: start treating your mental health the same as you treat your physical health. I’ve had flare-ups of mental health conditions over the last four years, and that […]

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What is Mid-Size? | Style, Fashion, and Body Neutrality

To paraphrase Mary Poppins, ‘I am practically average in every way’ – physically, at least! I am the average height, average bra size, and average clothing size for a woman in the UK, which obviously means my body type is not reflected in fashion at all. Makes sense, right?  Typically, the fashion industry caters towards […]

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Antidepressants and Me | rosie abigail

Antidepressants and Me - Sertraline

Salbutamol and Seretide for asthma, antihistamines and adrenaline for allergies, Codeine and Prednisolone for flare ups, and Sertraline for my brain. More specifically, Sertraline for chronic anxiety and clinical depression. Those are the medications that rattle around in my bag and go with me wherever I go. I’m kind of a package deal – “The […]

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Tips to Get You Through Self-Isolation | Working From Home

I’m sure I’m not the only person on this planet we call home who is feeling lost right now. We are living in unprecedented times, and that comes with a lot of anxiety and life-adjustments. My biggest adjustment so far has been having to self-isolate. However, I think I’m pretty skilled on the self-isolation front. […]

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‘The Body Shop’ Skin-Care Routine | rosie abigail

As I’m writing this, I have just finished up my morning skin care routine and feel like an absolute goddess. For years, I didn’t really care about my skin, and would haphazardly throw on some moisturiser as a make-up base, or try a face mask that would end up drying out my skin. But now, […]

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Surviving Disney World with an Allergy | rosie abigail

It’s been a hot minute, but I’m back, and talking about my favourite subject; navigating life with a deadly allergy! Well, that and my November 2019 trip to Disney World… For as long as I can remember, I’ve lived with a high-level peanut allergy, which involves carrying around antihistamines and adrenaline needles wherever I go […]

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Dealing with Imposter Syndrome | rosie abigail

Dealing With Imposter Syndrome | rosie abigail

“Imposter Syndrome”. I’ve been seeing this phrase pop up all over my social media the past few weeks – “anyone got tips to help deal with imposter syndrome? xo”, “it’s an imposter syndrome kind of day”, “reaaaally feeling out of place at this conference #impostersyndrome”. Every time I see a Tweet or post like that, […]

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