Ah Autumn. The time for unpredictable weather, asthma flare ups, and an influx of nut related products (#anaphylacticsunite). Despite all of that, autumn is my favourite season by far! I adore curling up with a book, listening to the rain; walking through red leaves on the way to work; making stews and soups and other hearty meals. I’m also a stickler for the style that autumn brings. I’m a gal with junk in the front and the back, and is not a fan of skirts without tights because chub rub reigns supreme. I am, however, all about the silhouettes and curves a good autumnal outfit brings. 

If I had to choose one style item to define my autumn style, I would choose a turtleneck. For years I was terrified of wearing them, convinced they would sit too tight around my boobs and I would feel uncomfortable (you know the type of uncomfortable I mean). But then I saw my friends and women around me of all shapes and sizes absolutely rocking them! In a nervous pinch I bought a black one up from Primark, and never looked back. Chuck an a turtleneck, and you instantly look like you’ve made an effort. 

Moving on to trousers, I’ve always favoured high waisted jeans as they flatter hourglass figures and big hips, and I certainly have hips big enough to fill them (a doctor once told me I have fantastic birthing hips; do with that what you will). Since moving on from teenage high waisted skinny jeans tight enough to cut off your circulation, I’ve fallen in love with the grown up big sister version; mom jeans. These have become my complete autumn staple. Mom jeans with a turtleneck? Smart. Mom jeans with a jumper? Cute. Mom jeans with a t-shirt? Casual. They are the day to night staple of my autumn wardrobe, for almost every occasion; you just can’t go wrong.  

I live in Britain, and if it’s one thing Britain does well than anywhere else, it’s irritating weather. Sunny when you head to work, pouring when you head home. Snow and sleet and rain in one hour. Autumn requires a strong shoe that can deal with all of that. And so, I favour the British classic, the Doc Marten. It’s a stylish boot, that’s incredibly durable; no wonder it’s the boot everyone wears at festivals. Plus,  I don’t have to worry about soggy socks; aka a workday nightmare. 

You have to have a good coat in autumn. I’m not here for feeling cold or getting a cold. As soon as September hits, I get my navy-meets-teal longline coat out from underneath the cardigans and denim jackets, and place it pride of place on the coat rack. As it’s a rather dark and neutral shade, it goes well with everything. It instantly smartens up any outfit, and makes me feel like the grown up business woman I could only ever imagine being. 

I’m saving the best piece of autumn style for last. I’m on about Big. Fluffy. Jumpers. The kind that wrap you up and you feel like everything is good in the world. At work, it’s a little slice of home. At home, it’s a little slice of heaven. Tucked into jeans with a belt and under a coat, I just don’t think there is a better look. 

So, those are my Autumn style faves, and I am looking forward to wearing the heck out of them! Drop me a comment and let me know what your autumn staples are. Now, I’m off to go and find the comfiest jumper I own…

Rosie x

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Autumn Style Favourites Pin | rosie abigail

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