So, I’m doing my daily morning scroll through Bloglovin’ (which you can follow me at here if you fancy), and up pops a post from one of my favourite bloggers, Lucy Moon. The blog is called “Setting Some 2019 Goals for the Next Four Months”, and was inspired by another fave blogger of mine, Hannah Witton (I love women supporting women!). Lucy’s post is all about the importance of setting goals, and how September is a great time to set some as it’s “the back to school life admin moment of the year”. I love that statement and I totally agree! So, here are my 2019 Home Stretch Goals; eight things I’d like to achieve before we say goodbye to 2019 and welcome in the Roaring Twenties! 

  1. Get into a workout regime. I feel like I’ve been trying to do this one for years! However, this year I have gone from someone who does not exercise at all, to slowly introducing it into my life – so that’s some kind of win! I started to miss exercising if I don’t do it over a few days, and I can certainly feel the positive effects after the fact. Still, I’m only racking up doing some kind of exercise once a week at most, and would like to grow that to three times a week. 
  2. Get back into bujo-ing. During my undergraduate course, my life depended on my bullet journal. I made sure it had every appointment and plan I had made, and looked damn good. Not only did it keep me organised, making each spread allowed me some time to just be creative. However, since venturing into the world of full-time work, the bujo has taken a side-line, and I miss it. So, I want to make my bujo spreads more accommodating to my work life, as well as my personal and study life, keeping those organisation and creativity cups filled!
  3. Sort out my bedroom. I moved house two months ago, and my bedroom is still a mess. Kitchen? Lovely. Living room? Homey. Bedroom? Floor-drobe. All of the items in my bedroom need a deep Mari Kondo-ing, my clothes need a wardrobe edit, and I simply have to throw away or donate things that I simply do not need. This isn’t going to be me transforming into some minimalistic-Insta-gal with wall hangings and white rugs (Rosie and white fabric does not mix well). I just want a totally relaxing and non-box filled room to return to after a looong day.
  4. Finish my business website. Alongside working full-time, blogging, and undertaking a Masters, I also run a theatre company (I seem to enjoy rushing around and being BUSY to the highest heavens, so it seems)! I’ve got my job down, my blog lookin’ good, and I’m up to date on my MA reading list. The one thing that slid along the way? Company website maintenance. I decided, in the midst of a caffeine fuel frenzy, ‘I should re-do our website!’ And I did, to an extent. It’s looking pretty good now, but has no information on it, and just has paragraphs comprising of ‘fill in later’, ‘blah blah blah’, and ‘asdfghjkl’. It’s been like that for a good month, and I just shake my head every time I think about it. It’s time to bite the bullet, set aside a Saturday, and get editing!
  5. Read 10 (non-academic) books. I bloody love reading (if you are a follower already, you’ll know that; if you’re new here, hey, a fact!). The problem? I don’t do it anymore. I always have a book on the go, I’ll read for a day, but then I’ll put the book down and get sucked up into the reality of life. I want to read, I really do, but the important life things get in the way; cooking dinner, doing laundry, taking time to be with my friends and boyfriend. But now, I have to read; I’m doing a Masters in English Literature so the task is kind of in the title. I’m hoping this will get me back into reading for joy and self-care, something I used to do a lot when I was younger. And no, I’m not counting academic journals and readers in this (they aren’t the most relaxing); I’m counting books from my reading list, to be read pile, and new books. 
  6. Set and stick to a routine. How many times have I said to myself, “I’m gonna wake up early, do yoga, and make myself a good breakfast!” Too many times to heckin’ count. When I do it, once in a blue moon, I feel fantastic afterwards! I just seem to succumb to the comfiness that is my bed, and never want to leave. I’m going to make a big effort to get out of bed when I wake up, not lazy around, and give my body those stretches and good food that it so needs.
  7. Write a diary. Throwback to 2016 when I was writing in a diary every day, and I was at a creative peak. I was a place where I could let out my frustrations and issues, without them seeping into my life or becoming bigger than they should. Also, it was wonderful to be able to look back and see how far I had come as a person, and look back at fond memories like days out and date nights. All of these things are positives that I want back in my life.
  8. Hit 100 followers on my blog. To many people, this may seem like a tiny number. To me, it’s huge! Many years ago, I started this blog from scratch, and have only just really settled into it. I am amazed that I have anyone at all reading my ramblings and writings, and I am grateful for every follower I get. I’m so close to 100 followers, and to hit that before 2020 would be fantastic!

So, those are my #2019HomeStretch Goals! Let me know in the comments what you think, and what your goals are. 

Rosie x

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