You may have noticed that I haven’t been sticking to my two blog a week schedule (sorry about that). But, I have good reason – I’ve moved house!

I’m still based in wonderful Winchester, and have moved from living in a flat with my boyfriend, to living in a house with my boyfriend and two of our friends (who are also a couple!). Our previous flat was lovely but expensive, so we decided to move to start saving money. Adult life is fast approaching, and we’ve learnt you need money for that! It’s lucky that our friends were moving too, so we grouped together and found a gorgeous house, with a garden that backs onto the river, and saves us about £200 per month per person. Not bad, eh?

Obviously, moving house is not an easy task; it takes a lot of planning, heavy lifting, and initial monetary input. But there was one thing on my mind the entire time we were moving; decorating the new place. Now, as the new house is a rental property, we can’t paint the walls or re-carpet the floors, but I have been able to build multiple Pinterest boards detailing feature walls and fairy light layouts. After three weeks of moving and re-jigging, the house is almost complete! And with that, let me show you my favourite parts of the house, including DIY projects, interior design, and plans for what’s to come. 

My Bedroom | Rosie Lewis Writes

First up, I have my favourite room in the house; our bedroom. My boyfriend and I have a sun trap of a loft bedroom, complete with slanted walls and winding staircase. The golden rule of moving is that an IKEA trip must be made. So, we took that opportunity to get new bedding and pillows, and change the colour scheme of our bedroom. The main colour of our room is now blue, with the supporting colours of purple and black. Along with changing the colour scheme, I knew I wanted a feature wall. So, I gathered all of our photos and art (and we have a lot), narrowed it down to what I wanted to display and what reflected Rory and I, and got going. Originally, I wanted all black frames, but money didn’t allow for that, so I went at it with Poundland frames and glue, and ended up with a mix of black and brown. It’s quite lucky that most of our furniture are hand-me-down items, and are either black or brown; I love an accidental match! My favourite pieces on the wall have to be the large W, made up of Winchester places and names (a graduation gift from my grandparents); the black lino etching of Titania and Bottom from A Midsummer Night’s Dream; and a painting of Rory and I from my fantastic and talented friend Becky (here’s a link to her Instagram; she’s just phenomenal). Finally, it wouldn’t be my home if there weren’t any fairy lights. We hung them on the ceiling, following the slanted shape, which really complimented the feature wall. Turning off the main lights and just having the fairy lights on makes this room an introvert’s dream land. 

| Rosie Lewis Writes

Not solely satisfied with just a feature wall, I wanted something more to add character and colour to our room. Enter IKEA’s SKADIS pegboard. For those with an organisational streak running through their body, just like me, this is fantastic. You can purchase various add ons to attach to the pegboard, meaning it is truly multi-functional. You can see from the picture that I’ve bought hooks for my jewellery, pegs for photos, and jars for spare change and savings for my USA trip. It has that sleek, Scandi-vibe that has made IKEA famous, and I love it. This room is also a glorious sun trap, and that’s thanks to this little window, as seen above. It looks out over a small but pretty pub garden, and an estuary from the River Itchen. When the window is open and it’s breezy, I can’t house my cacti on the ledge for fear they’ll plummet to their doom, and we have to keep a towel out in case it rains. Still, I love it all the same. 

| Rosie Lewis Writes

Moving on from the bedroom, the rest of the property is pretty standard for a terraced house. We have a comfortable lounge, a spacious dining room, and a simple family bathroom. This leaves a lot of room to enjoy the details. My bedroom simply doesn’t have a full length wall or space to put a bookshelf, and as the book worm I am, I’ve got to have one. So, we placed it in the dining room, and I’ve managed to include one of my favourite things from our previous flat; my rainbow bookshelf! It just makes me happy to look at. Something else that I love about this house are the skylights in the kitchen. Not only do they let in a lot of natural light (saving us some money on electricity), I adore the sound of rain on a window, and this is going to bring me a lot of joy come autumn time. 

| Rosie Lewis Writes

Finally, we get to arguably the best bit about this house; a garden that backs onto the River Itchen. When we first got here, it was overgrown and inhabitable. Two days with a gardener later, it’s healthy and spacious, and the grass has started to grow back! The first time we were able to walk to the back of the garden, pull the gate along, and look at the river view was mind-boggling. How could this beautiful place be smack bang in the middle of a city? How could we be living here? Since it’s been cleared, we’ve had BBQs, played games on the patio, and sat in the arch, overlooking the river. We have visitors every day, in the form of ducks, fish, swans and their cygnets. We are currently thinking of what flowers and plants to start growing in the garden, to make it a glorious place for next spring!

Now the house and move is more or less complete, I can get back into the swing of blogging and writing. And what a lovely place I’ve got to do it in!

Rosie x

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